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Discovering Alfonso

The story of how Alfonso came to be dates way back during the 17th century when the municipality was still a vast land covered with forest trees. Back then, there were a few pockets of settlements that emerged from the thick wilderness. During this time, Alfonso was still part of Lumampong, a barrio in Indang.

Soon enough, these small settlements grew large enough to create small barrios of their own. Two community leaders namely Bonifacio Aveo and Felix Del Mundo took the initiative of transforming the little barrios into municipalities. The then Governor General heeded their call and placed the center of the municipal government in Alas-as, named after the Alas-as tree which grew abundantly in the area during that time.

17 years later, barrio Alas-as welcomed its new name as Alfonso, traced after King Alfonso XII of Spain. On May 16, 1859, Alfonso separated from Indang and became an independent municipality.

Today, Alfonso in Cavite offers places for relaxation where visitors can appreciate the allure of nature up close. This first class municipality also houses fine restaurants with al fresco dining and historic churches to visit.

The Perfect Investment in the Southern Shores of Metro Manila

Camella Alfonso is an exclusive Italian-Mediterranean inspired community located in the hilly area of Brgy. Marahan 1, Alfonso, Cavite, providing luxury and comfort to every Filipino. Overlooking the verdant farms and mountains of Cavite and just a few minutes drive from Tagaytay City, you’ll find Camella Alfonso full of modern facilities and furnishings to satisfy your every need.

The main boulevard provides ample parking space for all possible commuters as well as for our own members’ vehicles. A 24/7 security service guards our community 24/7, assuring you its safety at all times. We are sure that everything will meet with your immediate approval!


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