Christmas is the most widely celebrated holiday all throughout the world but the Philippines is known for going over the top with Christmas celebrations. After all, Christmas in the Philippines is considered as one of the biggest and longest celebrated holidays. Though the Philippines has several festivals and holidays, Christmas is the one holiday that Filipinos are most excited about. With Christmas right around the corner, malls and online shops are now putting up their latest Christmas themed products for sale. Here are six Christmas gift ideas to give your family and friends.


There are several genres of books that are perfect for gift giving this Christmas. A coming-of-age or young adult fiction novels are great for teens while self-help books and classic novels are perfect for working professionals. Whether they are young or old, self-help books give a fresh understanding of one’s daily struggles and how to overcome it.

Holiday Gift Ideas, house and lot Philippines

Personalized items

There is nothing better than giving a friend or co-worker a personalized leather wallet, laptop sleeve, or a plastic phone case. Personalized goods rates depend on the kind of material used and the size of the product. These heart-felt items are sure to make the receiver feel special and unique.

pair of mugs

Wine/Food Baskets

You can never go wrong with a basket of food and wine. Wine alone can be a great gift to a father, brother or your boss. Throw in a handful of homemade goodies and you have an ideal gift for your neighbor or aunt and uncle.

wine baskets


Basic kitchenware and cooking ware are perfect for mothers-and even fathers-who love to cook and bake. Homewares are also a great gift idea for a sister or brother who would love to try out their skill in the kitchen. If you have the extra budget, you can even go big as buying a new home furniture for your parents.



There are several cool gadgets to buy for your family and friends this Christmas, from your gamer cousin to your siblings who are enrolled in distance learning or working from home. For people who have a hard time finding a gift, the latest tech gadgets always make a great gift. No one turns down a brand new headset, no gamer looks away from a brand new gaming keyboard, and any student or working professional is grateful for whatever laptop accessories they receive. Relatives of OFWs and migrant Filipino have the advantage since the latest gadgets are released first in the United States or European countries.



A home is probably the biggest Christmas present any one could ever ask for. Aside from its long-term commitment, giving your family a home they could safely live in is a dream come true. Most OFWs and migrant Filipinos save their money and invest in a house and lot in the Philippines during December because of the limited promos and discount offered by real estate developers.

camella house and lot

There are several house and lot investments in the Philippines to choose from. It is just a matter of talking to a trusted developer to figure out the best home that suits your family’s needs. Take Vista Land for example, the nation’s trusted real estate developer with a wide roster of house and lot packages.  Vista Land International Marketing Inc. (VIMI) is the international marketing group for Vista Land; it caters to OFW investments, focusing on providing local Filipinos their dream home.

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