Let’s be honest: Saving money is one of the most important resolutions we make every New Year, but gets constantly broken because of all the things that our friends and random people on the Internet have been recommending (aka budol), because we do impulse buying to uplift ourselves from situations and emotions we’ve been feeling (especially for many of us during the pandemic), or simply because of the annoying unexpected expenses that show up on our bills that made us shell out our money (which is a bummer). People have been looking for ways to save money, whether it’s from YouTube, testimonies from other people through social media sites, or looking for ways to stream passive income. Whatever the story you have with money, don’t worry, we have our own too! And saving money doesn’t actually require you to have a financial advisor, but basic money saving skills that you’ve learned from your piggy bank days, and that’s where the Ipon Challenge comes in!

Since 2013, The Ipon Challenge has been around social media websites at the start of each year to teach everyone the importance of saving money, and it has proven effective all the time because not only it teaches everyone about personal finance in a nutshell, but also to be conscious about the financial habits one person has in a financial situation. The downside of this is that when it becomes challenging around the 10th week, you might be tempted to get Thor’s hammer and smash your container so that you can buy whatever you want to buy, so you need to have a strong mindset and self – control for this challenge.

Think you’re up for a challenge? Well, whatever it is you’re saving for, it’ll be worth it when you do the Ipon Challenge! Think you’ve done the previous Ipon Challenges and want to continue again? Or is it your first time? Because this year should be your year to take your game on to this year’s 2022 Ipon Challenge!

52-Week Ipon Challenge

To give you an idea about what this challenge is all about, you initially deposit a certain amount for 52 weeks, and you would see how much it would grow based on the Ipon Challenge chart. This money saving challenge has been modified constantly so that everyone can join, whether you’re married, a single working adult, a college or a high school student who is saving up for the things he/she needs to spend on, or a grade school student who simply wants to practice the value of saving enough money (and having your own savings account).

To give you an idea to what we’ve just said about the flexibility of this challenge, here are other versions of the 52 – Week Ipon Challenge that will fit to everyone’s need and situation:

52-Week Ipon Challenge for Singles

Pegging as the One Man Show, this money saving challenge is for working adults who are single and who want to set around P50 in weekly increments in order for them to earn approximately P68,850 (or more if you want it to go on!)

52-Week Ipon Challenge for Couples

Financial freedom and security doesn’t have to start a World War III when you guys come up with a way to save money for living expenses and having an emergency fund, and that’s where this challenge comes in! With a specific amount that married couples have to set in order for them to save weekly in increments, this money saving challenge will not only teach couples on how to spend money wisely but to also manage your budget properly together. After all, we all know two heads are better than one, right?

52-Week Ipon Challenge for Kids, Young Students, and Minimum Wage Earners

They say that the way to achieve something is to start early, and saving money should start early! Suitable for kids, teenagers, and for those who have freelance gigs such as being a freelance writer, this money saving challenge serves as a head start for people who want to save money for the near future for as low as P10 – P20 for a weekly increment. Hey, we know it’s low at the end, but what matters is how you start saving money so that you would have more money for financial security (and something for you to shell out whenever you have a financial emergency) in the near future!

Want to go beyond your 52 – Week Ipon Challenge to save more money and double your gross income? Then here are other Ipon Challenges that you should join to get step up your money saving challenge to the next level:

The 12-Month Ipon Challenge

This money saving challenge is for anyone who is working, whether you’re a minimum wage earner or someone who earns around six or seven figures in your account. This challenge lets you set aside a part of your monthly income every month in order for you to save even more! Though this requires a calculator and a template for you to keep track of your money (and a bunch of mad Math skills to follow this formula):

Savings for the month = base amount + additional monthly savings (month % x monthly income)


  • Savings for the month – the amount you’ll set aside each month for your savings;
  • Base amount – the minimum amount you commit to saving. The default value is zero but if you’re earning a lot then you can definitely set your own amount.
  • Month % – the percentage corresponding to the month number.
  • Monthly income – the total salary you take home every month.

We know that this is challenging, but when you do this challenge gradually, saving money becomes not a chore, but a fun and rewarding thing to do!

Bi-Monthly Ipon Challenge

For those who receive their salaries on the 15th and 30th (or whenever a company has a bi – monthly salary scheme), then this challenge may be a treat for you! All you need is a piggy bank (or a savings account) and a free printable template for you to track your money twice a month! The rules are quite similar to the 52 – Weekly Ipon Challenge, but it’s more lenient because you get to set your own base amount (and you get to deposit along with your bonuses), and plus the more you save money in this challenge, the more rewards you’ll gain when you’re on your way to not only your financial goal, but also to your financial freedom!

365-Days Money Challenge

If you think the 12 – Month and Bi – Monthly Money Challenges seem overwhelming for you because of the number mind games you’ll be dealing with or you’re simply starting to save money, then this challenge is for you! You just set your own base fee for your increments each day (around P10 or more, but not more than P20,000) and you just see how much your money grow everyday to see the importance of saving money for the future! All you need is an alarm your phone at any time of the day for you to put a certain amount in, and you’re all good!

Setting Money Moves

Whether you’re saving up for something (house, car, or anything you want), teaching people the value of saving money at an early age sets not only an expectation on what you’ll have for your future, but it also saves you from debt and it’s a safety net for you to set an emergency fund for a financial emergency that needs to be solved! Having a savings account and a savings plan is a rewarding experience for you to be financially independent, especially with a lot of resources that you can find on the internet from Thea Sy – Bautista’s videos on YouTube to Adulting Millenials on Spotify that will not only let you find ways to save money, but on how to manage your financial security properly that your future self can thank you for!

Tips for Saving Money

To have the best financial habits in order to be financially secure (and to have extra money), here are some financial tips for you to follow through so that you can make the most of your financial independence:

  • Use Coupons and Gift Certificates (whether they’re physical or electronic)

Using coupons and gift certificates is one of the most practical ways to save money (and to get sweet deals and freebies that are worth the steal!) Now you know why being an adult is exciting when someone gives you gift certificates or coupons!

  • Have a Buy Nothing Day or Week (or Month)

Having a Buy Nothing Day, Week, or Month can not only value the importance of saving money, but it will also let you see that overconsumption is actually an issue, especially when you’re making big purchases!

  • Set Aside Your Lunch Money

We know that a lot of us want to fill up our stomachs with something to eat, especially when all of the employees from different companies try to beat the lunch rush to buy something just to get through the day! But did you know that by bringing your own lunch beats the in joining the lunch crowd and saves money from your piled up expenses? Well, you can thank us later for mentioning this!

  • Compare Items Before Spending

Before spending those brand new pair of shoes or a brand new set of clothes for your #ootds, compare these same items from different brands (and restaurants) before making a choice. After all, it’s a win – win situation when you get something that is worth your money and worth the quality, right?

  • Break Your Money Woes Now!

Whether you came from debt or just want to spend within your means, don’t spend more than what you can (especially during Christmas and birthdays) and try to collect loose change so that you can put it in your piggy bank or savings account! We all have financial goals to achieve, and so should you!

Final Thoughts

Saving money can be challenging, especially if you’re saving yourself from a financial downfall. Believe us when we say that it’s hard to earn money nowadays, but with these money saving challenges that pop up around online, you would not only learn the importance of having financial freedom, but you also learn to invest on the things are on your budget and have nice quality. Whether you’re saving money for your retirement, your first house, your new car, or anything that you’d like to invest on, you need to know that aside from having a job, saving money is a thing for you to learn in order for everyone to know not only the importance of saving money, but also to avoid debt (especially in making a big purchase) and in order to achieve your savings goals for a particular situation!

So what are you waiting for? Save that peso, buy things that are within your budget that have nice quality (and treat yourself to something nice once in a while), and let your money grow with these money saving challenges now! Your future self will thank you for it!

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