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With well-known housing developments in the Philippines, Vistaland International offers a wide array of affordable, premium, and luxury properties to our fellow Kababayans. No matter where you are, whether you're here in the Philippines or working abroad, your dream of buying a house and lot for sale that fits your budget will finally come true. Houses for sale have several uses and advantages.

You can use your home for various purposes: as a residence, business premises, or an investment. And with our abundant housing units and wide selections of property developers, Vistaland International makes it possible to achieve all these benefits from one place. Use our property search bar to browse our properties for sale.

Vistaland International caters to all sorts, from affordable to premium houses. These kinds of properties are located across the country, which makes it easier to provide you with a wide selection of homes. If you decide to move into a new neighborhood, you can easily find a new place to live with Vistaland International. Contact us today!

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Vistaland International builds global connections based on trust. To achieve this, communication and customer support are our main platforms to maintain mutual trust among our clients abroad.

We take pride in providing quality service. Our dedicated support team is trained to give you professional advice in terms of purchasing your new home with us. Rest assured that future Vista Land homeowners are guided accordingly throughout the document screening process.

Got any questions in mind? We know how overwhelming the process of buying a home can be. From affordable house and lots to condo properties in the Philippines, Vistaland International has a diverse selection of properties you can choose from. Discover which condo or home in the Philippines best suits your needs and budget by filling out the form below.

We can’t wait for you to come home to one of our Vista Land communities!

House and Lot for Sale

Aside from being a primary house, it can double as a rental property such as vacation houses or apartments. Owning a house these days, especially for OFWs, is in demand because it can generate wealth through rental income. A rent-to-own property is popular in highly urbanized cities that have large population sizes such as Makati City and Alabang.

It's a different property type but with the affordable house prices, today, OFWs and migrant Filipinos can shed some of their money and let their investment's value appreciate.

Condo for Sale

Investing in a condominium in the Philippines is one of the finest things life has to offer. Having the leading and largest real estate companies in the Philippines as part of our selection of real estate investments, Vistaland International offers condominiums to Filipinos as well.

The condominiums catered by Vistaland International are built at very convenient locations. As a homeowner, you get to be near shopping malls, supermarkets, government institutions, and other progressive industries all within Metro Manila. Locations within the city are perfect areas for OFWs to invest in properties for sale such as houses and condo because of the rapid growth and value appreciation.

Condo living has become widespread here in the Philippines nowadays. People buy a property for varying reasons: some for investment purposes, some for their family’s safety, some for a hangout haven, and a few even buy these properties as a gift.

And for whatever reason they may have, there's certainly one good thing about having an investment, they all share the same experiences of being happy and satisfied and are reaping the returns of their investment today.

Real Estate Properties for OFWs

OFWs’ hard-earned money should be spent wisely; the best example is through real estate investment such as a house and lot and condominium. To save is equally important as to invest. It's great to have substantial savings, money kept for future needs including emergency situations. But we must also have to understand that being able to invest in long-lived tangible assets, things that you physically see and touch, is a greater way to diversify what you own and have that stability in asset ownership.

The best investment opportunities are here in the real estate market. From a simple studio condominium unit to townhouses, the possibilities are endless and the property growth is never-ending. Other real estate developers, real estate agents, companies, and property investors are in search of a living space worthy regardless of their sale price.


How much does a house cost in the Philippines?

A typical house and lot for sale in the Philippines would cost at least PHP15,000 to PHP25,000 per sqm. But there are also other factors to consider when buying a home such as your main purpose of buying a house, the property type fit for your family, and finding a reliable house and lot developer. As OFWs, you would only want the best house for your family.

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Is Philippines good for real estate investment?

Philippines is a country rich in natural resources and the home of the most hospitable people you'd ever meet. It's no wonder migrant Filipinos and foreign investors from different countries often visit the Philippines and eventually settle down. Generally, the market for a house and lot for sale in the Philippines is very competitive. The value appreciation for properties especially in Metro Manila and other highly urbanized cities rapidly progress each quarter of the year. That's why it's always a good idea for OFWs to invest early.

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How do I start investing in real estate?

When you're new to buying a house and lot for sale in the Philippines, the process can be quite overwhelming. For OFWs, however, it's a whole new different approach. Since you're in another country, you may have a hard time having a site inspection and talking to another agent in another timezone.

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Is Real Estate Investing worth it?

Investing in properties is always worth it. One main advantage of buying houses for sale in the Philippines is the high demand of places for rent. When played smartly, you can have a good source of passive income to start growing your money and eventually build wealth for your family. And with the growing demand of houses for sale in the Philippines, OFWs should carefully go over their options.

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Reaching out to Global Filipinos

“Kababayans” all over the world are worthy of an easy and convenient process of owning their dream home from their hard earned money with customer service they truly deserve.

Created to serve our global hardworking kababayans, Vista Land International Marketing, Inc. (VIMI) is the international marketing arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., the largest homebuilder in the Philippines.

We'd love to help you turn your dream home into reality, wherever you are!

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