For more than four decades, Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. has been a game-changer in the Philippine real estate industry and has a proven track record of providing homes for every Filipino family. Founded by Manuel B. Villar Jr., Vista Land has grown to be the largest homebuilder in the Philippines and evolved to being one of the leading integrated property developers. Having built more than half a million homes, Vista Land has earned the trust of many Filipinos and garnered nationwide recognition for its dedication to provide a unique standard of living.

Through its international marketing division, Vistaland International Marketing Inc. (VIMI), Vista Land has also established long-lasting relationships abroad. Building relationships with OFWs and migrant Filipinos, VIMI has provided reliable access for Filipinos to buy a house and lot in the Philippines.

From affordable to luxury homes, Vista Land has it all!

With well-known housing developments such as Lumina, Camella, Brittany, Crown Asia, and Lessandra located in over 40 cities and over 140 municipalities, Vista Land caters to all income segments in the Philippines.

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Here is a round-up of all housing brands of Vista Land. Keep reading to know which house and lot development is best for OFWs and migrant Filipinos.

Lumina Homes

Lumina Homes is a mass housing developer in the Philippines and the most affordable house and lot development of Vista Land. Lumina Homes has house and lot developments in more than 40 cities and municipalities nationwide. With eight model houses to choose from, Lumina provides a variety of affordable properties for minimum wage earners.

Lumina’s eight model houses are: Aimee Rowhouse, a 22 sqm home in a 53 sqm lot, Anna Rowhouse, a 24 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot, Alea Loft, a 32 sqm home in a 58 sqm lot, Angelique Townhouse, a 35 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot, Angeli Townhouse or Single Firewall, a 42 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot, Armina Duplex or Single Firewall, a 35 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot, Adriana Townhouse, a 44 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot, and Athena Duplex or Single Firewall, a 53 sqm home in a 54 sqm lot.

Lumina Homes is a good choice for OFWs, starting investors, young independent professionals, and newly-wed couples who wish to buy their first house and lot investment that is easy on the pockets. As an affordable housing brand, house and lot units can be availed through Pag-IBIG Loan Financing. Lumina Homes is known to be in close proximity to business establishments, educational and financial institutions, hospitals, and recreational parks.

Although it is a socialized housing subdivision, Lumina offers a quality standard of living by having its own amenities inside the community such, basketball courts, multi-purpose halls, mini gardens and playgrounds, and space for a future commercial area.

Lumina Homes takes care of its homeowners by keeping the community secured 24/7 with guarded entrance gates with CCTV, roving and stationary security guards, and high perimeter fences.

Lumina Homes brings to life their slogan, “Every Juan’s home”, by providing every Filipino the pride of homeownership.

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Located in over 30 progressive areas nationwide and growing, OFWs and migrant Filipinos can easily own a home for their families while working abroad. Lessandra communities are in close proximity to offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and road networks. For leisure activities, Lessandra homeowners can spend their time in the community’s swimming pools, clubhouses, basketball courts, and playgrounds. On top of the amenities and accessibility, each Lessandra community is highly-secured 24/7 with guarded entrance gates, CCTV cameras, around-the-clock security guards, and perimeter fences.

Bringing affordable pricing schemes and quality standard of living together, Lessandra fulfills their promise of an Angat and Aliwalas life.

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Camella Homes – Vista Land’s frontrunner in their roster of house and lot subdivision projects in the Philippines. Known to be the country’s largest homebuilder with an excellent reputation, Camella has been providing quality homes to Filipinos for over 40 years.  Through the years, it has developed house and lot communities in 49 provinces and 149 municipalities in the country.

Camella Homes is also widely-known for their masterplanned townships and high-quality house models. With their competitive pricing for house and lots in the country, Camella is ideal for the working class sector, big families, and OFWs who wish for a retirement home. Camella has seven house models to choose from with an option for an extra lot as an extension for your home.

The seven house models to choose from are: Alliyah Single Firewall, a 46 sqm home on a 86 sqm lot, Alli Single Firewall, a 44 sqm home on a 88 sqm lot, Bella Single Firewall, a 53 sqm home on a 88 sqm lot, Cara Single Firewall with Carport and Balcony, a 66 sqm home on a 88 sqm lot, Dana Single Firewall with Carport and Balcony, a 83 sqm home on a 99 sqm lot.

There’s also Ella Single Firewall with Carport and Balcony, a 100 sqm home on a 110 sqm lot, Freya Single Detached with Carport and Balcony, a 142 sqm home on a 121 sqm lot, and Greta Single Detached with Carport and Balcony, a 166 sqm home on a 143 sqm lot.

As a pioneer for masterplanned communities, Camella boasts its amenities inside the community such as their own church, school, shopping mall, transportation system, swimming pools, clubhouses, and jogging paths. While not all Camella communities have their church, school, and shopping mall, most communities are near to business establishments, offices, educational institutions, and places of worship. Camella guarantees its homeowners’ safety with its heavily guarded entrance gates, car pass for homeowners and visitors, CCTV cameras around the community, high perimeter fences, and roving patrols inside the neighborhood.

Redefining the Traditional Filipino Home

As the forefront of Vista Land housing developments, Camella continues to stand by one of its goals of redefining townships nationwide. One of its innovative developments is the Camella SmartHomes campaign where it retains the current design and floor plan of a Camella house unit but with added built-in technology. With either a touch from a mobile phone or through motion detectors, this technology enables Camella homeowners to open and lock doors, control lighting, program smoke alarms, and monitor plugged devices. Camella homeowners can also register their biometric data and unlock doors using their fingerprint. Another security option of the Camella SmartHomes is their password feature. Using a password, homeowners can open and lock their homes by entering a password.

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Crown Asia

Crown Asia is part of Vista Land’s premium house and lot subdivision in the Philippines. For 25 years, Crown Asia has been providing exceptionally designed house models and communities to Filipinos. Crown Asia communities’ themes are usually Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Spanish, or American. Nestled between progressive areas in Luzon such as Cavite and Laguna, Crown Asia has 15 lavish house and lot developments. Each community has vast expanses of open spaces and sweeping views of nature, designed for a laidback lush lifestyle.

As a luxury house and lot subdivision in the Philippines, Crown Asia creates communities which targets upper-middle-income Filipino families. There are 12 upscale house models to choose from, six homes for the classic series and six homes for designer series. The designer home series’ open space layout upon turnover distinguishes itself from the classic home series.

The six classic home series are: Franco 242 Single Detached, Lladro 211 Single Detached, Beryl 177 Single Detached, Francesco 142 Single Detached, Martini 109 Single Detached, and Stefano 143 Single Detached.

The six designer home series are: Designer 65 Single Firewall with Carport and Balcony, Designer 97 with Carport and Balcony, Designer 110 Single Firewall with Carport and Balcony, Designer 166 Single Detached with Carport and Balcony, Designer 142 Single Detached with Carport and Balcony, and Designer 211 Single Detached with Carport and Balcony.

On top of luxury houses for sale, Crown Asia also offers expansive lot only packages to families who want to have the freedom to build their dream home.

Each Crown Asia community has their own swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, basketball court, function room, jogging paths, barbecue areas, and playgrounds. As a provider of homes to affluent families, security is one the main priorities of Crown Asia. It protects its homeowners 24/7 with roving patrols, car passes for visitors, car pass stickers for homeowners, CCTV cameras, high perimeter fences, and guarded entrance gates.

Crown Asia provides different property options for OFWs and migrant Filipinos when it comes to a luxury house and lot for sale worthy of their hard-earned money. OFWs and migrant Filipinos who have spent years living abroad and wish to acquire an expensive and high-end home in the Philippines are best suited for Crown Asia communities.

Come home to a lavish community that pioneered thematic communities in the Philippines with houses of impeccable design.

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Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation is Vista Land’s upscale and high-end house and lot subdivision. Brittany is the first to conceptualize deluxe dream communities offering expensive house and lot units in the Philippines. Integrating old world charm and modern design, Brittany features scenic views of nature while living in the Metro. Inspired from the world’s popular breathtaking destinations, Brittany brings these beautiful places closer to opulent families.

Since Brittany is a premiere name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines, it is a perfect choice for OFWs and migrant Filipinos who have a taste for sophisticated artful living. Each Brittany community is inspired by Swiss, American, Italian, French, and Neo-Victorian sceneries. There are 11 upscale Brittany communities situated within thousands of pine trees in Tagaytay, Laguna, Alabang, and Sucat. There are 14 elegant house models to choose from and families may opt for a lot only option if they wish to build their own home.

The 14 upscale houses of Brittany are:

Allison, a 211 sqm home with 3 bedrooms, Antonello, a 286 sqm home with 4 bedrooms, Carletti, a 211 sqm home with 3 bedrooms, Carolyn, a 265 sqm home with 3 bedrooms, Chatelard, a 209 sqm home with 4 bedrooms, Elliot, a 302 sqm home with 4 bedrooms, Lawrence, a 349 sqm home with 4 bedrooms, Lucerne, a 207 sqm home with 3 bedrooms, Marcia, a 153 sqm home with 3 bedrooms, Pietro, 264 sqm home with 4 bedrooms, and Raffaelo, a 292 sqm home with 4 bedrooms.

Brittany has exclusive amenities designed for the elite lifestyle. Each enclave has their own swimming pools, flower gardens, clubhouses, fitness gyms, jogging paths, basketball and tennis courts, tree houses, and even man-made lakes right inside the community. Housing several opulent families, Brittany takes pride in its maximum 24/7 security such as roving guards, CCTV cameras, high perimeter fences, heavily guarded entrance gates, and car pass stickers.

Bask in the ease and comfort of living in a private sanctuary with pine trees surrounding your home.

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