A Viridescent Venture.

Booming Balanga

Balanga, the capital city of Bataan, is the third-largest municipality in terms of land area. It is bounded to the north by Abucay, to the east by Manila Bay, to the west by the mountains of Bagac and Morong, and to the south by Pilar. The city has a population of 104,173 people as of 2020.

Balanga City is among the wealthiest towns in Bataan and serves as the center of trade and industry in the province. Agriculture is the primary industry in the city, with crops including rice, sugarcane, corn, coconuts, fruits, and vegetables. Coastal towns rely on fishing as a major source of income, with milkfish, tilapia, shrimp, prawns, crab, and other seafood being the most common catches.

Despite its agricultural focus, Balanga City offers a promising investment outlook. Due to its convenient and strategic location, potential investors can discover ample business prospects in the city, especially in the industrial estates sector. Both multinational and local corporations, along with ecozones, are prevalent in the area, bolstering Balanga’s status as the hub of industrial growth in the province of Bataan.

The city can be accessed from Metro Manila via two major roads, the National Road and Roman Superhighway. It is also feasible to travel by water through the Orion Port by taking a ferry service, followed by a 15-minute drive to Balanga.

Verida: A Viridescent Venture

Taking notes from Asia’s most sustainable city, Singapore, Verida by Vista Estates is on its way to create its own green city within the expansive 50-hectare land in Maluya Rd, City of Balanga, Bataan. Let your viridescent venture towards a sustainable and holistic lifestyle begin here at Verida by Vista Estates.

Envisioned to be a sustainable eco-estate with a focus on green living, while still offering all the conveniences of a modern city, Verida is segregated into three interconnected key nodes:

The Square which serves as the central hub for commercial and retail concepts, including our very own Vista Mall. The space will also include hotels and a convention center to complete the smart metropolis elements. Next is the The Garden Promenade which introduces residents to lush foliages woven together with upscale retail concepts and sumptuous gastronomic destinations. And last is The Park District, which acts as a socio-cultural hub. Here, you can find also find churches and a plaza.

As a ‘green city within a city,’ Verida by Vista Estates is donned with lots of green spaces, roof gardens and open spaces. Here, residents can enjoy the conveniences of modern metropolis in their vertical residences within the cradles of nature, sewing perfectly the two elements together to create the ideal lush living space.

If you are interested to know more about our affordable condo in Balanga offers here at Verida by Vista Estates, feel free to send us a message through our live chat. You can also send your inquiries or ask for the latest inventories in our contact form! Looking for similar properties? Use our search bar for a more refined search!

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