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Discovering Butuan

Butuan City is a highly urbanized city located in the northeastern region of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is the regional center of the Caraga Region and the seat of the Butuan City government. The city has a rich history, with archaeological evidence suggesting that it was already an established center of trade and commerce even before the arrival of the Spanish in the Philippines.

One of the most significant historical sites in Butuan City is the Balangay Boat, a prehistoric boat made of timber that was discovered in the 1970s. This boat is believed to date back to the 4th century and is considered to be the oldest known seafaring vessel ever found in Southeast Asia. The Balangay Boat is now displayed in a museum in Butuan City and is considered to be a symbol of the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Butuan City is also known for its natural attractions. The Agusan River, the third-largest river in the Philippines, flows through the city and offers opportunities for water sports and outdoor activities. The city is also home to several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, including the Mount Mayapay Protected Landscape, which is a popular destination for hiking and camping.

Aside from its cultural and natural attractions, Butuan City is also a hub of economic activity in the region. The city’s economy is largely driven by agriculture, fishing, and trade, with a growing emphasis on tourism and manufacturing. The city is also home to several universities and colleges, making it a center for education and research.

Overall, Butuan City is a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, and a thriving economy. It is a city that is steeped in history and tradition while also embracing modernity and progress.

Experience Butuan with Lumina Homes Butuan

Experience the unique balance of progress and tradition that the City of Butuan offers with Lumina Butuan. Known as the regional center of Caraga and the “Home of the Balangays”, Butuan has a vibrant culture and heritage that’s complemented by its modern tourist attractions.

Lumina Butuan is a 10-hectare housing development designed to contribute to the city’s development by offering high-quality and affordable rowhouses, townhouses, and single firewall units.

This residential community features a range of amenities and facilities, including a multi-purpose hall, guarded entrance, mini gardens, playgrounds, and perimeter fence. You’ll also have access to Lumina’s exclusive eSpacio amenity, an exclusive amenity made available to all Lumina homeowners.

How to Get There

Via Commute

You can ride a Route 8 multicab from Guingona Park going to Los Angeles. You will pass through Magsaysay Bridge and you will arrive at Lumina Butuan site located beside Pepsi Plant.

Via Private Vehicle

From JC Aquino, drive straight until you pass through Magsaysay Bridge and you will arrive at Lumina Butuan.


Transport Terminals

  • Ampayon Terminal
  • Langhihan Terminal

Educational Institutions

  • Caraga State University
  • Butuan City School of Arts & Trades


  • Butuan Medical Center
  • Manuel J. Santos Hospital
  • E.R. Ochoa Maternity and General Hospital

Malls and Supermarkets

  • AllHome
  • Wilcon Depot
  • SM City Butuan

Places of Worship

  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • Iglesia ni Cristo
  • St. Joseph Cathedral Church

Other Landmarks

  • Butuan City Hall
  • Taguibo Barangay Hall
  • Tiniwisan Barangay Hall
  • PAN National Highway
  • Pianing-Tandag Road


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