Yearn for the Sun

Laoag: The Sunshine City

Come home to the bright blue skyline and clear atmosphere of Laoag City, the country’s Sunshine City. Located at the province of Ilocos Norte, this charming city is a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modernity.

Laoag City boasts a collection of natural and scenic spots that both nature enthusiasts adrenaline junkies will surely enjoy. Feel your heart race as you go sandboarding down the sand dunes slopes or experience a thriling ride in a 4×4 at La Paz and Paoay.

You can also explore the creamy white rocks shaped by the waves at Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Visitors can also take time to visit the ancient churches built during the Spanish period. Some of the famous historical churches in Laoag are the Santa Monica Parish Church and the Sinking Bell Tower.

Looking past the scenic attractions, Laoag is a town filled with historical places and stories. It was one of the first cities to revolt against the abuse and mistreatment of the Augustinian friars. One notable event is when Diego Silang led a series of uprisings to free his fellow Ilocanos from the clutches of the Spanish in 1762. When Silang was killed by a bullet, his wife, Gabriela Silang, took over and continued in his footsteps before meeting her own demise. Before the couple’s bravery, there was the Dingras Rebellion in 1589 and the Pedro Almasan Rebellion in San Nicolas in 1660.

Today, Laoag City prides itself as the tourism hub of the Gateway to the North and the business and commercial center of the entire province of Ilocos Norte. Tourism is the main economic driver of the city, paving the way for the construction of infrastructure and road networks that connect the city to other municipalities and tourist destinations.

Yearn for the Sun here at Bramasole by Vista Estates

Bramasole– an Italian term meaning ‘to yearn for the sun,’ is just the fitting name for Vista Estates’ newest prime estate development in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Welcome the warmth of the sun in this grand 20-hectare township inspired by the captivating mountain town of Cortona in Italy. This real estate development is replete with institutional complexes, commercial & retail districts, and various leisure & wellness hubs.

With its Tuscan-inspired living, Bramasole by Vista Estates seeks to elevate the Ilocandia’s way of life one home at a time.

Come Home to Bramasole Residences

Sitting at the heart of Bramasole is the Bramasole Residences, a condominium property set to uphold the lifestyle of those who are wishing to invest and live in Laoag City.

This vertical dwelling consists five buildings; the first tower consisting of seven floors; each floor bearing 19 units. Bramasole Residences offers one bedroom units ranging from 30.36 to 36.30 square meters. In need of a large living space? Opt for 2 bedroom units measuring 40.26 square meters!

Each unit is embedded with smart home technology features– from the bedrooms to the bathrooms, for utmost convenience. Not only that, but Bramasole Residences also boasts modern amenities such as swimming pool, a clubhouse with pavilion, lots of play areas, and beautifully-landscaped parks and trails.

Be in the center of everything

Be in the center of everything with Bramasole’s strategic location where malls and supermarkets, restaurants, educational institutions, hospitals, and transport terminals are just a couple of minutes away.

Passive income and appreciation value

Real estate properties like condominiums appreciate in value over time, meaning you can sell your unit at a higher price after a couple of years. In the meantime, you can put your property for rent or staycation for passive income.

Whether you are looking for a permanent place to stay in the Sunshine City or eyeing an opportunity for a successful rental business, you can never go wrong with Bramasole Residences!

If you are interested to know more about Bramasole, you can send us a message via our live chat. You can also send your inquiries or ask for the latest inventories through our contact form. Looking for other properties? Use our property search bar to locate your dream house!



Educational Institutions

  • Northwestern University
  • Divine Word College of Laoag
  • AMA Computer College – Laoag


  • Dr. Antonio A. Ranada Clinic and Hospital
  • Ranada General Hospital
  • Laoag City General Hospital
  • The Black Nazarene Hospital Inc.
  • Gov. Roque B. Ablan Sr. Memorial Hospital

Places of Worship

  • Catholic Churches
  • Muslim Mosques
  • Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Christian Churches

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