Upgrade your urban lifestyle today! Invest in a studio unit here at Pine Crest!

Nestled in the heart of Quezon City, this studio unit offers all the advantages and the conveniences a modern condo living could offer. The perfect startup investment for yuppies, students, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), this studio unit presents the ideal living setting for all types of needs.

Not only that, but its strategic location brings you closer to various shopping centers, business establishments, entertainment hubs, and other leisure facilities. Looking inside, you will be greeted by the cozy, well-partitioned interior that features a living area, kitchen, area, bedroom area, and a toilet & bath. This studio unit at Pine Crest delivers comfort and convenience all in one place!

Also, get exclusive access to top notch amenities such as swimming pool, fitness gym, function hall, and a playground. Safety and security of homeowners is also a priority with stationed guards and CCTV monitoring.

Get the most out of your hard-earned money when you invest in a studio unit here at Pine Crest!

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New beginnings await you in this 1 bedroom condo in Quezon City by Hawthorne Heights!

This residence is the ideal urban haven for young professionals, couples seeking a settled lifestyle, or prospective investors who want to widen their portfolio. A welcoming living space awaits for relaxation or quality time with loved ones, a dedicated kitchen and dining area for culinary pursuits, and a cozy toilet & bath for personal needs.

This 1 bedroom condo in Quezon City features an open-plan layout that divides the space into distinct functional areas. The unit is spacious and well-lit, providing the perfect ambiance for unwinding and relaxation. Hawthorne Heights residents can enjoy large windows that offer views of the captivating city skyline or the amenity area.

Of course, owning a 1 bedroom condo unit here at Hawthorne Heights comes with exclusive access to various amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness gym, function hall, lobby, and a study hall. Aside from that, the building also implements strict security measure to ensure the safety of its residents.

Hawthorne Heights sits at the heart of Quezon City, one of the most populous city in Metro Manila. Towering high along Katipunan Avenue, it provides convenient access to nearby universities such as Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines-Diliman. Due to this, owning a 1 bedroom condo unit here at Hawthorne Heights poses great opportunity for passive income in the form of rental payments.

Aside from that, other establishments and destinations such as business districts, entertainment hubs, hospitals, and recreational spots can also be found within the vicinity. This makes it easier to shop for your daily needs or get away for quick relaxation and unwinding.

Experience Smart Homes: 1 Bedroom Condo in Quezon City

Redefine your condo living experience as one bedroom units here in Hawthorne Heights can be upgraded with smart home features such as smart locks for a more convenient, unparalleled lifestyle.

Investment and Income Potential

This 1 bedroom unit in Quezon City not only provides a comfortable living space but also present financial growth and investment opportunity. Condominium properties tend to appreciate in value over time. Residents can explore options such as opening a rental business for staycations to provide additional income streams while waiting for the inevitable increase in value.

Invest in 1 Bedroom Condo here at Hawthorne Heights Today!

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The two-bedroom unit offered by Vista Residences features a cozy living and dining area, a modern kitchen, two bedrooms, and a toilet and bath. The bedrooms are designed to offer a relaxing space for residents, with ample natural lighting and ventilation. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and storage solutions to make meal preparation easy and convenient.

In addition, unit owners can enjoy various amenities within the development, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and function room. Some developments like The Loop in Cagayan de Oro offers a closer touch with nature with their two bedroom units with garden. You are sure to find the space your are looking for! The development is strategically located near major commercial and business establishments, making it a convenient and accessible home for those who value urban living.

Invest in your own two bedroom unit from Vista Residences and discover more

The One Bedroom with Balcony Unit by Vista Residences is a stylish and comfortable living space designed for individuals or couples. This unit features a spacious bedroom, one toilet and bath, and an open-plan living area that includes a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy dining and lounge area that opens up to a balcony. The balcony offers stunning views of the surrounding cityscape, providing a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Each unit is situated in the most desirable locations in the cities and sits in the middle of major urban centers in progressive provinces. Get easy access to your daily needs as living in a one bedroom unit with balcony at Vista Residences means you can enjoy easy access to shopping malls, restaurants, and even transport terminals.

Also, living in a one bedroom unit at Vista Residences means you have access to a wide range of top-notch amenities, including swimming pool, fitness center, study areas– all equipped with 24-hour security.

Pursue your life goals while having the perfect balance in your professional and personal life when you invest in a one bedroom with balcony unit here at Vista Residences!

Invest in a one bedroom unit at Vista Residences and unfold all the wonders it holds!

Situated in a desirable area with quick access to a variety of services like dining options, schools, and medical facilities, investing in a one bedroom unit is the perfect option for families, young professionals, and students looking for a convenient lifestyle. The unit also provides top-notch amenities to meet residents’ needs, like 24-hour security, a pool, a fitness facility, and a function space, among other things. This makes it an excellent investment opportunity and guarantees that inhabitants a rich and comfortable lifestyle.

Aside from that, investing in a one bedroom unit at Vista Residences provides exceptional returns on investment. Built by one of the trusted vertical developers in the country, you are guaranteed that your unit is crafted with quality and finest attention to details.

Additionally, the development’s excellent location and the region’s high demand for rental homes guarantee that the property’s value will rise over time, giving investors a reliable source of passive income. So, purchasing a one bedroom unit a Vista Residences is a great strategy to diversify your portfolio and accumulate wealth over time.

Upgrade your urban living lifestyle by investing in a studio unit here at Vista Residences!

Every studio unit has all the advantages and conveniences the modern life could offer. Perfect for young professionals, students and university personnels, and even returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), studio unit by Vista Residences is crafted to provide the ideal setting where investors can experience life on a whole new level.

Starting from the inside, its cozy interior features a living area, a dining area, kitchen, and toilet & bath that will provide you all the comfort you need. Going out, you get easy access to your daily needs with its close proximity to shopping centers, business establishments, and even leisure facilities. And don’t forget the best mobile coverage and access to fast internet!

Of course, every condo unit owner gets exclusive access to top-notch amenities and leisure facilities like swimming pool, fitness gym, and function hall. Some properties even has a game room that allows you to release all the stress after a long day. And the best thing? Admiring the beauty of the metropolis skyline or the subruban beauty from the view deck.

Experience unparalleled comfort and unrivaled convenience by investing in a studio unit at Vista Residences now!

Unwind in the soothing arms of nature even while you’re in the middle of a hectic city by purchasing a 3 bedroom unit with balcony here at Pine Crest by Vista Residences. Preserving the charm and serenity of New Manila, Pine Crest is your perfect haven in the middle of a bustling metropolis like Metro Manila.

This 3 bedroom unit boasts spacious interiors that features a wide living area, kitchen area, dining area, and a toilet & bath. Also, you will have special access to amenities and spaces that support sustainability. Get that summer-ready body in the fitness gym or take a nice, cool plunge in the pool. For the great occasions in your life, there is also a function hall ready to host events for you!

Invest in 3-Bedroom Unit at Pine Crest and escape into this beautiful, verdant haven!

Relax into the comforting arms of nature even where you’re in the midst of busy city when you invest in a studio unit with balcony– only here at Vista Residences!

Every studio unit with balcony has every benefit and convenience that modern living has to offer. Ideal for budding yuppies, students, and even Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), each studio unit with balcony is designed to give every unit owner the conveniences of urban life in the most ideal setting.

Vista Residences’ studio unit with balcony features a living/sleeping area, a kitchen area, and a toilet and bath. The balcony offers a breathtaking view of the metropolis skyline or the quaint beauty of the suburbs. Other packages has added features such as a drying cage, or a combination of balcony and drying cage. You can easily find the best property type depending on your taste and need!

Also, get exclusive access to amenities and facilities that promote sustainability. Take a nice, cool dip in the swimming pool or achieve that summer-ready body in the fitness gym. Last, there is also a function hall for your life’s special moments and celebrations.

Escape into the lush of your oasis in the metropolis when you invest in a studio unit with balcony here at Vista Residences!

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