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The Lucerne is a luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, embossed in a Swiss-Inspired elegant home with 207 – square meter of floor area. Enjoy creating memories especially in the cozy and homey loft area of Lucerne.

Get this 4-Bedroom Luxury House and Lot in Tagaytay City

Lucerne is a luxury house and lot for sale in Tagaytay City located in Crosswinds Tagaytay has a perfect ambiance of breathtaking property you definitely won’t want to miss. Escape from the messy city environment and capture the windy narrow hilltop in a totally different and luxurious way. Take your much-needed leisure time with your family and loved ones here where there is no noisy city life, no huge and numerous buildings, and no disturbances, just the mild, pleasant and gentle breeze of nature allowing you to lounge in your own home.

Crosswinds Tagaytay

Fixed on top of 100-hectare development lies this gorgeous and well crafted landscape with the help of the natural beauty of its beautiful nature. The selection of architectural structures were carefully placed to blend its natural ambiance and capture further developments in Tagaytay Highlands. Its name, Crosswinds, was inspired by the sustained and continuous interweaving of the winds from Tagaytay and Laguna de Bay. In Crosswinds Tagaytay you will experience the crisp and smooth aroma of 20,000 pine trees lingering in the air and the overlooking view of the hills that offers a welcoming breathing space for nerves unraveling and shattered by the stress of work and urban life. This luxury home is situated in Tagaytay Highlands, one of the highest points in Tagaytay City and away from the busy main road. Crosswinds Tagaytay offers a quiet and simple alpine escape and be amazed by a beautiful and mesmerizing stillness you almost never experience in any of the cities in the metro. Almost everyone who travels to Tagaytay City wants to take a break and flee from the heat, noise, and pressure of the city. Crosswinds Tagaytay embraces that image and brings it to a much better and whole new level. A much more precise and well-structured outline with a luxury house design delineation.

Tagaytay City is also one of the best places for investment in real estate properties. Even real estate agents would agree that this real estate selection is perfect to have your own property. The results of the constructions and developments were very promising to attract more investors. Aside from Metro Manila, Tagaytay can also keep up in terms of land development and more townhomes that can cater metro living and lifestyle in order to maintain that good weather of the place and filter out that toxic feels of the city.

Swiss-Inspired Elegant House

Lucerne is located inside this first-class and swiss-inspired luxury community of Crosswinds Tagaytay. This real estate property serves the class that results in its one of a kind charm and pride to the City of Tagaytay. A luxury home in Tagaytay City that has an overall appeal and taste to what an elegant house would be. You can search a ton of luxury house design patterns and well con houses and lots around the city, but Tagaytay City has that different feel and lifestyle that filter out its charm in its townhomes.  It has a porch, viewing deck, living area, dining area, kitchen, a balcony, single full-sized bedroom, maid’s room with own toilet-and-bath and a master’s bedroom with walk-in closet and own master’s toilet-and-bath on the ground floor.

It also has another single full-sized bedroom that one can be turn into a family room with common toilet-and-bath, a carport and storage. This luxury home for sale in Tagaytay City has a very generous number of rooms for your family with a perfect view of thousands of pine trees surrounding your property.


  • Porch
  • Viewing Deck
  • Living Area
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Master’s Bedroom with Walk-in Closet
  • Master’s Toilet & Bath
  • Balcony
  • Bedroom #2
  • Maid’s Room with Toilet & Bath
  • Storage


  • Carport
  • Bedroom 3 / Family Room
  • Common Toilet & Bath
  • Storage

Materials and Finishes


Asphalt Shingles with roofing insulation


Cement Clapboard in paint finish


Synthetic Stones


Plastered Walls & Partitions in Paint Finish


Ground Floor: 60cm x 60cm Homogeneous Tiles

Second Floor: Laminated Wood Flooring

Outdoors: 40cm x 40cm Ceramic Floor Tiles with Pebble Wash-out borders

Garage: Pebble Wash-out Finish with 40cm x 40cm Ceramic Tile Accents


Interior Ceiling: Ceiling Board in Paint Finishes (Ground & Second Floors)

Roof Eaves: Ceiling Board in Paint Finishes


Stair Treads: Wood Planks in Stain Finish

Stair Handrails: Metal Handrails in Paint Finish

Balusters: Metal Balusters in Paint Finish

Cornices & baseboards are included


Main Door: Painted Solid Panel Door with Pitcher-type Lockset, Door Closer & Peep Hole

Interior Doors: Painted Solid Panel Door with Level-type Lockset

T&B Doors: Painted HDF Flush Door with Level-type Lockset

Door Casing & Stopper are included


Powder-coated Aluminum Framed Windows with Clear Glass Finish


Modular Cabinets with Cabinet Pulls are included (for all bedrooms except maid’s quarter)


Tiles: 30cm x 60cm Ceramic Tiles – Floor to ceiling wall tiles (all areas)

Water closet: Ceramic Water Closet with Plastic Toilet Seat

Lavatory: Ceramic Pedestal Lavatory (or with counter if applicable to plan)

Shower Enclosure is included as alternative to Bath Tub (if applicable to plan)

Ceramic Bath Tub is included as alternative to Shower Enclosure (if applicable to plan)

Shower Fixture: Stainless Steel Rain Shower Set

Lavatory Faucet: Stainless Steel Single-hole, One-handle Lavatory Faucet

  • MAID’S T&B

Tiles: 30cm x 30cm Ceramic Tiles (1.80meter high in all areas)

Water closet: Ceramic Water Closet with Plastic Toilet Seat

Lavatory: Ceramic Wall-hung Lavatory

Shower Fixture: Stainless In-wall Shower Set

Lavatory Faucet: Stainless Steel Single-hole, Self-shutting Lavatory Faucet


Granite Kitchen Countertop for Main Kitchen

Modular Cabinets with Cabinet Pulls are included

For Main Kitchen: Double Tub Stainless Sink with Faucet is included

For Utility Area: Single Tub Stainless Sink with Faucet is included


Wall lamps are included

* HDF – High Density Fiberboard


Lausanne at Crosswinds

Tagaytay City

Floor Plan

lucerne floor plan

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