Normally, expats live in big cities in the Philippines not only because they want to live near their workplaces, but also because of the culture and norms they get from Filipinos everyday. Whether you want to retire from the city life or just settle down and take things slow, anywhere in the Philippines is the best place to live being the most tropical country in South East Asia.

Still not sure where to retire? No worries! Here are some of the best popular retirement locations expat retirees recommend that have low cost real estate properties in the recent years.

Baguio City

Pegged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines (and the only one in Southeast Asia), Baguio City is one shouldn’t miss when you want to retire in the highlands with a cool weather like this one! Situated on a plateau in Baguio province, you get to enjoy this place all year long as it’s a giant Christmas village with lush trees and fresh air cool enough for you to have a simple living! 4 – 6 hours from the hustle and bustle of Manila should give you a hint that you want to stay away from the city when you have your retirement life.

Tagaytay City

Ever want to move from Manila that isn’t far away? Well, Tagaytay City is the best place for you! Combining living on the highlands and by the beach, Tagaytay has sandy beaches that will relax you with an amazing view in the morning (and twilight) while sunbathing with a glass of martini on top! Their highlands on the other hand, will make sure to keep you relaxed with a cup of Joe with its cool climate during the ber months.

Santa Rosa City

If you don’t want to move too far from the city and want to cross the city easily, then Santa Rosa City isn’t one to miss the target! Having easy access and close proximity to Manila shouldn’t be a problem as cost of living in Laguna isn’t a peso too pricey! Plus, you’re near to theme parks such Sky Ranch and Enchanted Kingdom as well as other entertainment options! Another reason to retire in the middle of Laguna, right?

Cebu City

With stunning beaches and lechon to eat, Cebu City shouldn’t be a fret when you want those in one place! Also known to have the famous Sinulog Festival, living in one of the most historical and colorful islands will be the highlight of your retirement with lots of reasons to explore and relax in Cebu!

Bacolod City

Located in one of the Sugar Bowl Regions of the Philippines, Bacolod City will have you coming with beaches that are scattered in nearby islands, a bunch of sweet food such as cakes and sweets, and historical sights to see that will give you plenty of reasons to enjoy the island of Bacolod!

Davao City

If you really want to be far away from the city life, then Davao City is the perfect place for you! With tropical and city vibes rolled into one, this island will give you a thousand reasons why expats and ex – OFWs retire with its gorgeous beaches and stunning sceneries for you to look out for! Oh, and don’t forget to add that it’s always and there are lots of places to eat food at very reasonable prices and great quality.

The Money Talk

With all of their properties that are budget – friendly and versatile, it’s no wonder international living is made easier! Living in the Philippines mean a lot for retirees, whether you’re a local or a foreigner. But whether we like it or not, it’s also important to know your retirement income and some special documents like the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa, and we know retiring from a company can be a blessing in disguise and a challenge, especially for those who are newly retired.

Luckily, The Philippine Retirement Authority has got you covered! They can help you with a bunch of benefits that you can get from pension help to your monthly income and they can also help you move to the Philippines without the hassle of the embassy.

Moreover, bragging as one of the most tropical countries in the world, it’s no wonder that the Philippines has many tourists begging for more than just visits! So get that money in your bank account ready and make your move to the Philippines an investment!

For more information, visit one near you or you may pick up the phone and dial 8848 1412 to 16!

The Big Move

When it comes to housing and the cost of your future lifestyle in the Philippines, you also need to consider where you’d like to move in the Philippines as well as the environment you’d like to relax and enjoy your retirement. You also need to think about the income and the property you would like to invest in, whether you want to build your rest house or get a rental property nearby along with other taxes as well as the cost of the lifestyle that you’d like to keep. These are big questions, but it’s all going to be worth it once you have stayed in the Philippines.

Drawing the Line: Life in the Philippines

They say that Philippines is the most beautiful country in the world for its hospitable locals, tropical beaches, and delicious food anyone can’t find. Locals and foreigners come to different parts of the Philippines whether it’s to visit other islands or to get away from the busy life of the major cities of the Philippines. Nonetheless, this makes our country a popular retirement destination that is definitely worth your money! So come and live in the Philippines and it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made!

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