Touted as Twitter’s biggest rival, Threads App has taken the internet by storm and is set to catapult further from its launch last July 6th, 2023.

The thread app is developed by Meta Platforms, the parent company of the photo and video sharing network Instagram app, the biggest social network Facebook, and the instant-messaging platforms Messenger and WhatsApp. It allows Instagram users to share their lives with a close friends and is designed to be more intimate and personal than Instagram, with a focus on text-based posts and real-time conversations.

“Whether you’re a creator or a casual poster, Threads offers a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations. We are working toward making  Threads compatible with the open, interoperable social networks that we believe can shape the future of the internet,” says Meta.

The Thread so Far

thread app

This newest offering from Meta has taken the internet by storm. Just 2 hours after its initial launch, 2 million people have already been on the app. Reaching July 7th, 24 hours after its introduction, Threads recorded an explosive 70 million downloads, in which Zuckerberg commented was ‘beyond his expectations.’ As of writing, Threads has surpassed 100 million users, which are according to Zuckerberg again, were mostly organic and nothing much from paid promotions and advertisements.

That’s huge.

For context, let’s break down how long the other social media platforms and apps have conquered their 100 million mark:

Tiktok reached 100 million users in nine months while the famous AI-powered ChatGPT garnered 100 million users after two months. Instagram, Threads’ ‘parent app,’ only reached 100 million users after two and a half years!

What made this huge following possible?

Since Threads is developed by the Instagram team, the existing 1.6 billions users of the photo-sharing app can easily and seamlessly transition to Threads by simply logging in using their Instagram account. This link also catapulted Threads to the soaring sign ups it has today.

What is Thread app for?

We’re here to tell you what the Thread hype is all about– and how the internet brands it as Twitter’s formidable rival.

As well know, Instagram is primarily used for sharing life’s highlights through photos and videos– Threads does quite the same, but in expands more to text. Threads users can create a Story that disappears after 24 hours, or post a text, photo, or video that will stay on their profile. They can also send direct messages to their friends, or start a group chat. The app also includes a feature called “Lifeline,” which allows users to quickly share their location with their friends in an emergency.

“Instagram is where billions of people around the world connect over photos and videos. Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas. Just like on Instagram, with Threads you can follow and connect with friends and creators who share your interests – including the people you follow on Instagram and beyond. And you can use our existing suite of safety and user controls,” says Meta.

Threads is free to download on Google Play store and the Apple app store with no features hidden. It is currently the top free app. Prior the release, some IG users shared experiences of them typing ‘threads’ on the Insta search bar showing a ticket symbol. Upon clicking, they were presented with an invitation to sign up.

How Do I Sign Up for Threads?

Wondering how you can sign up for a Threads account? Well, here’s the good news. You can create an account or sign into Threads using your Instagram account. Upon logging in, you have the option to use the details–like your Instagram username and profile details, to your Threads account. Don’t worry! You still have the option to customize your Threads profile to your liking. Threads accounts that are under 16 or 18 under in certain countries will is private in default.

To save you the hassle of finding all the accounts you need to follow on Threads, you can also opt to follow the same accounts that you follow on Insta. Your feed is somehow similar to your Instagram feed (except that they are in form of text now)– displaying posts from the people you follow, trending posts, and some content from accounts you are yet to discover or may be interested to.

Creating an account in Threads app is easy, isn’t it? But what about deactivating?

As recall, given the automomous nature of Twitter sign up, you can easily create an account using the email, username, and password of you choice. You also have the freedom to delete it anytime without your other social media accounts suffering the effect.

However, that is not the case for Threads.

If you want to delete your Threads account, you’ll also have to delete your Instagram account– which isn’t a great news by the way. If you want to call it quits with Threads or simply want to take a break from socializing with internet people, you can simply deactivate your account. It won’t affect your Instagram account and you can go back and reactivate anytime! Check out this guide on how to deactivate your Threads account!

It may seem like that Threads is holding your Insta account hostage, but don’t worry as Meta is ‘looking into a way to delete your Threads profile separately.’

Posting and Customizing Feed

How do you post content to Threads, you may ask? Well, it’s really that simple!

Simply tap the Drafts icons at the bottom part and start typing anything! Posts on Threads has a 500 character limit and allows you to attach links, photos, and videos with a 5-minute maximum length.

Threads also have the option to customize your feed preference.

“We built Threads with tools to enable positive, productive conversations. You can control who can mention you or reply to you within Threads. Like on Instagram, you can add hidden words to filter out replies to your threads that contain specific words. You can unfollow, block, restrict or report a profile on Threads by tapping the three-dot menu, and any accounts you’ve blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads,” says Meta.

Threads vs Twitter

threads app

We’re pretty sure you’ve heards the gossips– Threads is the new Twitter. Well, we can all why people are giving out such comments. Since Threads is ‘heavily inspired’ from Twitter, there are some Threads features that are strikingly similar with the bird app.

Post Editing

Twitter has recently introduced the feature of editing your tweets, however Threads doesn’t have that function. You cannot edit posts once it has been published. Since the app is new, we can expect more developments and enhancements in the future.

Feed Preference

One thing that also sets aside Twitter from Threads is it separate feeds feature: For You and Following. Whereas with Threads, you will have a uniform and randomly generated feed based on your following and interests. You can also view the posts from the accounts that you follow.


Threads aims its users to have an ad-free experience, that why you can’t see advertisements on the app as of now. However, seeing that Facebook and Instagram has been running ads, we can expect their appearances on the app in the future.

Direct Messaging

Nope, you can’t have a private conversation with another Threads user.


Hashags are also nowhere to be seen on the app but we can expect the integration of hashtags as developments and updates are made.

Post Sharing and Commenting

Just like Twitter, users also have the option to comment and share Threads posts via Repost and Quote options.

Web Version

Currently, Threads doesn’t have a web version but we are hoping to see that in the future.

Unravelling The Thread

Threads is a great way to stay connected with your close friends and share your life with them. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app, and it’s free to use. If you’re looking for a more intimate and personal social media experience, Threads is worth checking out.

And since it has just been released, we can expect more fun and exciting features to pop out in the future. Seeing its booming popularity upon its initial release, Threads will somehow remain as the talk of the town in the following months. And the good thing is, Meta is open to hear your suggestions and feedbacks to further improve the user experience of the app.

“We’re excited to hear your feedback as we work to build new features and introduce fun new ways to connect on the app,’ says Meta.