The year 2020 was a tough time to adjust to the new normal at home and at work Several Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) dealth with homesickness. Some were laid-off their jobs and were immediately deployed. Vistaland International’s global network of OFW real estate brokers and agents also faced a whole new challenge last year: transitioning into the digital world.

Vistaland International’s network of sellers also had their fair share of struggles coping up with the new behavior of clients towards investing in real estate in the middle of a pandemic.

As they continued with their marketing campaigns into online platforms, they were still able to reach their monthly quotas and widen their scope. Enabling a few of them to achieve great heights despite the restrictions.

VIMI Wave of The Future: Vista Land International Annual Awards 2020

Last April 20, 2021, Vista Land International Marketing Inc. (VIMI) held its yearly awarding of their global real estate sellers via their website’s event portal. And with over 500 invited guests, VIMI was able to dominate their online reach across several countries. 

Here are the top-performing VIMI sellers for the Contracted Sales category:

Managing Directors 

  1. Ms. Junio from VIMI Abu Dhabi
  2. Ms. Quintilla from VIMI Dubai
  3. Ms. Aslan from VIMI London

Sales Managers

  1. Mr. Estoye from VIMI Abu Dhabi
  2. Mr. Guibao from VIMI Abu Dhabi
  3. Ms. Corpuz from VIMI Abu Dhabi

Property Consultants

  1. Mr. Concepcion from VIMI London
  2. Ms. Balce from VIMI Abu Dhabi
  3. Mr. Humilde from VIMI Italy

Here are the top-performing VIMI sellers for the Reservation Sales category:

Managing Directors

  1. Mr. Santos from VIMI Italy
  2. Ms. Junio from VIMI Abu Dhabi
  3. Ms. Quintilla from VIMI Dubai

Sales Managers

  1. Ms. Humilde from VIMI Italy
  2. Mr. Paraiso from VIMI Riyadh
  3. Ms.Caparanga from VIMI Dubai

Property Consultants

  1. Ms. Dizon from VIMI Riyadh
  2. Mr. Bigcas from VIMI Italy
  3. Ms. Bravo from VIMI Abu Dhabi

Special Citation Award

Mr. Calingasan was awarded a special citation as one of VIMI’s recurring mentors and financial advisor and for his indelible contribution and profound impact to Vistaland International. As a financial advisor in VIMl’s regular international conferences, he has provided OFWs sound advice on financial management.

Like all good things, the fun-filled event had to end. Coming from Vistaland International’s president, Engr. Santiago thanked our participants and organizers who made the event successful.

In Vistaland International, our seller’s experience is also our main priority. We make sure that every seller can feel the essence of kinship wherever they may be, whether they’re a newbie or have been part of Vistaland International for several years. 

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