For many Filipinos, working overseas presents incredible opportunities and a better future for their families. Not only can working in another country give you a chance for a great work-life balance, but it can also earn you more money. This is one of the reasons why moving abroad is the dream of many Filipinos.

In fact, Canada is one of the most favored work destinations for many Filipinos and one-third of the Singaporean population is made up of OFWs.

In case you were wondering which are the best countries to work for, here they are:

New Zealand

top countries to work abroad

New Zealand is a perfect destination for seasonal work up to six months and offers high wages. Aside from the wonderful lifestyle and job opportunities, New Zealand doesn’t have any language barrier for English speakers.

The citizens are also extremely friendly, making New Zealand one of the best countries to work across the world.

Common jobs available are agricultural work. They are also looking for specialized skills such as engineering fields and information technology.

South Korea

south korea

Gaining in popularity, South Korea has become a great destination for work overseas. Although expats might have a hard time adjusting to a new country with a foreign language, English teachers are highly sought after in South Korea.

As an English teacher, the pay is good and the country also has a low cost of living which helps most expats build their financial savings.



Expat workers may find Cambodia best for remote work. A vibrant country with a low cost of living, many expats may find this to be one of the easiest countries to earn a long-term working visa such as a business visa.



Australia is one of the most popular destinations for overseas work. Filipinos can easily find jobs since there are established organizations such as the WWOOF that connect you directly with a work exchange host.

Common works available for Filipinos in Australia is agriculture labor.



For skilled professionals, Germany is a great place for career prospects. Multinational corporations are always looking for talented foreigners around the world. But it requires a skills assessment in order to qualify for a work visa.

Although the job search can challenging due to the language barrier, you can apply for employment through Linkedin and for a job seeker visa that allows you to search for career prospects while you’re in the country and then apply for a work permit once you’ve secured employment.

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Requirements For Working Abroad

Getting your dream job abroad is the ambition of many students in the Philippines. But many other countries need certain requirements in order to recruit Filipinos overseas.

Here are the requirements:



Birth Certificate

High School/College Diploma

Certificate of Employment

Professional License (if any)

Skills or trade test Certification (if any)

Other documents such as marriage contract or certificate from the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos

Certificates of training

NBI Clearance

You need to prepare all these basic documents in order to be recruited properly on a global network. These documents should be processed at the proper institutions. Be careful not to deal with fixers.

To check the pre-qualifications before investing in a real estate, click here.

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Why do Filipinos want to work abroad?

The reason why a lot of Filipinos want to work outside the Philippines is because of many good benefits. In the Philippines, there’s little opportunity to expand your career prospects.

Skilled workers also tend to earn a low income whereas foreign country offers better pay, job security, and the opportunity to expand their skills.

Working abroad is the great first step toward being able to secure their career as well as provide a good education for their family.

In fact, not only do most international companies offer better health care access, but they also provide a great work-life balance and job security for many Filipinos.

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Can you get a job abroad without a degree or experience?

If you’re interested in working abroad but don’t have the degree or experience, don’t worry. There are still some methods on how to accomplish this goal.

But fair warning, you need to be mentally strong enough to endure the hardship of being on your own.

Here are some tips:

Sell yourself

You need to assess your current academic achievements and demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Some employers may expect you to provide a portfolio of your best work so make sure you have one.

Be realistic

It can be tough trying to find work. The rejection can sting if you’re not mentally prepared. So you need to be realistic and assess your current skill set in order to qualify for a working holiday visa.

Get certified

Most companies pay attention to what kind of certificates are in a candidate’s portfolio. So get certified. A proper certificate might help you land a work visa.

Be mindful of the business culture

Other countries may use different formats so you need to tailor your CV to suit their local format.

Get a visa

Having a visa ready makes you more of a more attractive candidate.


In conclusion, it can be tough trying to get a work visa overseas. Leaving your home country can also feel terrifying.

But for many Filipinos, the welfare of their family is at stake and they can find good jobs, better living, and a higher income outside the country.

This doesn’t mean Filipinos aren’t unpatriotic. It’s quite the opposite. On a global average, OFWs have supported the Philippine economy by sending remittances back to their families in the Philippines.

So if you do have the opportunity to work in countries such as Canada, you might find better luck in a career with good job security and a proper work-life balance.

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