For OFWs, there is no better reward than finally being able to go back home to your family. Getting the house you have always wanted is indeed an important milestone for many. There are countless stories of OFWs who have succeeded in this important milestone in their lives. So now that you are finally decided on buying real estate in the Philippines, what to do next? 

The next step is quite possibly the hardest —looking for the right one. With so many options in the market, it can be a hard choice and an overwhelming one. Getting your dream property in the Philippines should not be hard. 

As an OFW, getting to see the houses for yourself can be cumbersome, given that it involves traveling a great distance. Luckily, online property listings have become the norm when it comes to prospecting possible homes for many Filipinos, making it easier for them wherever they may be. Here are some of the most informative online property listings in the market to help you make the first step towards buying the house and lot you have always wanted. 


Calling themselves the #1 Real Estate Partner in the Philippines, Lamudi is a well-known online real estate website. It allows sellers and OFW home buyers alike to list and look for properties in a way that is user-friendly and convenient. Lamudi has been acquired by the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG), one of the leading digital classifieds groups in the MENA, South Asia, and Southeast Asian regions. In the Philippines, it is very established, gaining an average of 6.6 million monthly page views according to their site. 

In the Philippines, it carries some of the biggest names when it comes to real estate which gives them a great variety of listings. More than just property listings, it has content for every aspiring homeowner. They have resources such as  loan calculator, price trends, city guide insider,  property guides, and more which Lamudi aims  to help users find their dream homes no matter what stage they are in the search process. 


ZipMatch relates its brand to smart home buying. It has the usual listings for buying or renting properties, but you can also easily filter and search for properties by developers or by communities (city of residence). It  features the biggest real estate companies in the country, and provides its users with smart information through blogs, home buying tips, and more.It has recently added a Condo Ranking feature, which is another useful tool for prospective condominium unit owners who are choosing between different developers.

What sets Zipmatch apart is their personal touch- letting you see personal reviews, online tours, and 3D unit layouts with just a few clicks. It will also keep you in touch with an agent who will guide you in your home buying journey. 


Formerly known as OLX, Carousell at first glance may not be what homebuyers will be looking at for their home listings. However, Carousell has proven to be dedicated to giving real estate a platform through its Carousell Property page.

Letting OFWs like you sort based on your preferred price range to the locations of your choice. Carousell provides that same experience as with their regular listings pages. This is perfect for OFW users already familiar with the platform. Carousell’s strength lies in it being a secure platform to transact with sellers – it has features that help both buyers and sellers transact with ease through their chat feature and review system. This will help you in making deals with prospective agents and home sellers. 


DotProperty is a real estate website launched in 2013 and has since become one of the biggest property networks around Asia. In 2015, it was launched in the Philippines and has been bringing together OFW buyers, sellers, renters, agents, developers, and investors together into one platform.

Aside from the usual listings for rent, for lease, or sale, DotProperty takes it one step further with separate categories for commercial properties, and properties that have been foreclosed. DotProperty lets you connect to an agent to make your home purchasing experience easier and hassle-free. Throughout its website, you will be seeing directories of developers and properties, as well as informative blogs to help you in your search. 


Hoppler is the first fully online real estate network and brokerage company. Hoppler acts as a platform that connects buyers to its internal broker to represent them. This internal broker then is in charge of coordinating with the partner brokers and owners to offer a range of properties to the client in a seamless fashion. It has the usual buy and sell listings, but it also has an Inquire feature for those who may not be ready yet to talk to an agent. It has a Real Estate Magazine, which is a site with featured properties, real estate tips, broker tips, lifestyle tips, and other important resources the viewers may like to see. If you are interested in pre-selling deals, Hoppler has its exclusive pre-selling property listings that you can check out. 

You never know where you will find your dream property, and the only way to find out is to actively search for the one that will fill all your requirements. With a wide range of online property listings, your options are made wider than ever whether you are an OFW finally getting that dream home of yours or finding that real estate investment in the Philippines for your hard work. A click of a button lets you see properties available in the areas you like and in the budget range that you have. Just like all these property listing websites, trust that Vista Land International is equipped to help you find your dream home through your hard-earned and saved money from working abroad. Visit us at to learn more! Happy house hunting!