The 20|20 VISION


In pursuit of excellence, VIMI aspire to do better every year, may it be personal or professional. The New Year gives us great hopes to accomplish what we failed to do the previous year. We believe this leads many of us to have a New Year resolution year in year out. But why are most of us guilty of giving up after some time? Is it because, subconsciously, we think another new year will again start in a few months and we can reboot once more, to make another resolution?

VIMI kicks off 2020 by holding a day of reviewing the previous year and planning for yet another challenging year. With the help of seasoned speaker Coach Randy Esguerra, this start of a new decade also symbolizes the organization’s 20|20 vision for this year: No FILTER, No FEAR and SHARPER than ever.

VIMI recognizes that one of the silent enemies in achieving its collective goal is complacency. As Coach Randy reminds, it is not enough that we just set a goal or target – a cohesive planning is important. Planning without action is futile. Taking actions and being consistent will make a big difference in ensuring that we will not be blindsided. The event once again grounds us that the distance between goal setting and achieving is not at all measured by the number of days, but by all the synchronized actions amongst all VIMInians, may they be in the frontline or part of the back support. Each of us has a role to play; no one is indispensable when we understand how important and integral our individual roles are. Globally, the year may have not started well with news of bushfires, volcano eruption, plane crashes, earthquake, and the spread of viruses. With all these, it is easy to get disheartened and discouraged. But let us remember that there are 365 days with a bonus of one more in 2020. The key is to remain focused on the opportunity around us – the healthier economic environment in the Philippines, the manageable inflation rate, GDP being within target, and so much more. With the exciting lineup of existing and incoming projects from the different brands of Vista Land, and the untiring support of our partners from every corner of the world, VIMI is confident to weather any storm and hurdle any challenges ahead. With VIMI President, Ms. Eda Tambologan, at the helm, we will traverse the year with the eyes of a hawk that sees well than humans and stay on course to our desired destination. Filipinos are inherently resilient and we find silver linings in any type of calamity. When Taal volcano recently erupted, one of the most popular memes that came out was "Bulkan ka lang, Pilipino Kami". It may sound as a joke, but there is an underlying truth to it. Our strength as Filipinos have been put into test countless times but we always came out victorious. We are unstoppable. Steadfast as our cultural spirit, VIMI will tirelessly continue to reach out to every Filipino in any part of the world and make their dream home a reality. Kaya Kabayan, tuloy lang ang laban!

(Written by Mr. Lem Branal, released in Vistaland International's newsletter)

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