With the pandemic restrictions at its lowest, people go out more often than they should as Filipinos commonly hang out with their friends and families at the malls and travel to different provinces (and other countries) because they simply miss appreciating outdoors after being stuck inside and having cabin fever for almost two years. The tourism industries have been booming ever since the hot dry season started a few days ago considering that the Philippines technically has two seasons and only one tropical cyclone.

Unless you’re rich and have every place that you normally go to before the pandemic, some of us are so bored and burnt out with online classes and work to the point that we wish there are fun things to do at home whether you live alone or with a group of people such as your family given that the cabin fever effect took a toll on us especially when the pandemic arrived all over the world. With the impossibly high temperature and high humidity, people are desperately finding new ways to cool off this summer season with a bunch of summer activities that they want to do.

So, if you’re in a rut and you don’t want to give into the summer rush of people (with Holy Week about to happen), here are some fun activities that you can do at the comfort of your homes either with your family or on your own while planning the places you want to go to when the rush is over and to check things off of your summer bucket list!

Fun Summer Indoor Activities for People Who Live Alone

To keep yourself busy and entertained this summer, here are some of the summer activities that we think you’ll enjoy while you’re at the comfort of your home:


Who says coloring books are only for children? Coloring books for adults have been released and marketed as a way to relax and de – stress yourself because of the many details that need color! This is therapeutic because not only you get to be relaxed while coloring after a stressful day, but you’ll also be satisfied once you’ve finished a coloring page that you’ve been filling! There are so many adult coloring books for you to choose from — mandalas, animals, nature — and so much more!

Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks

While doing chores or working your way to finish your tasks or home works for the day, you should listen to an audiobook or a podcast! This improves your concentration and multitasking in getting work done and learning (or being entertained) with something new!


We know that decluttering things sound like a chore, but when you call a bunch of girlfriends (or a trusty friend) to help you declutter, it’s twice as fun figuring out what to keep, donate, and throw away!

Read Books

Ever since the pandemic started, one of the things that people start to do more often is reading, whether you have a collection of physical books on your shelves for you to finish reading or a bunch of e – books to keep you busy on your phone or on your e- reader while waiting for quick errands to be done. Pick up a book that you’ve been wanting to start reading, pick a time that you’re free to read, and let your mind escape for a while between its pages.

Try New Recipes

With TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook bringing you more recipes that start – from – scratch to new recipes that came from your usual recipes that’s been stuck in your cookbooks or mental memories from your usual breakfast – lunch – dinner to snack food to drinks, there are a lot of ways to learn new recipes for your next dish, munch, or sip! So go on get your hands in action, a few things that you need, and motivation to get you started!

Fun Indoor Summer Activities for Families

Stuck with the same old boring routine since the pandemic started? Don’t worry, here are some summer activities for kids for you to keep them entertained and busy all summer long so that you can not only make good memories as a family but also let your kids discover new skills that they can use for their future families and to increase your bonding time with them!

Have a Cook In (or Bake In)

Learning a new recipe with your kids can be fun and enjoyable when you have messy hands to play with and kid – friendly recipes to put out to your kids busy so that they would know how to cook (and have good memories) when they have their own families in the future! After all, cooking and baking are fun when two heads are better than one, right?

Camp Out

One of the reasons camp outside is because some people want to learn how to survive in the wilderness (how to eat, drink, release physical waste out of your body, etc.), but at the height of the pandemic, we still think that camping out in your own backyard is a lot safer for now especially when the COVID – 19 cases are going crazy. Make some homemade s’mores, tell ghost stories, pitch up a tent, and enjoy home – cooked meals (and the CR) at the same time all in the comfort of your home! You might bring up more good memories with this outdoor fun!

Plan a Movie Night

Schedule a weekend night where everyone’s available, pick a family – friendly flick for everyone to watch, and enjoy the movie with some popcorn (or other homemade snacks or take out) so that even your older kids can join in the fun! Having a movie night with your family increases your bonding with your family plus you may share some laughs and tears with the people who wouldn’t judge you!

Cool Off at the Pool

Bonding with your family at the pool, having fun swimming lessons with your kids, or just simply relaxing at the swimming pool after a hot and stressful day at work or at school are the plenty excuses to take a dip in the pool with a cool drink on one hand and shades on your eyes or to simply sunbathe by the pool and read your favorite book while sipping on lemonade!

Do Some Arts and Crafts Activities!

From finger painting, clay painting, and using a bunch of things to paint at home such as vegetables and cotton buds to making friendship bracelets, making macaroni art, and messing up each other’s white shirts with paint all over, there are many creative ideas for arts and crafts activities as it increases your kid’s mental health and it’s a great way to bond with your kids even more! So get your paper plates, a bottle of glue, some sparkles, paint, paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, and your creative hands and let the art wars begin starting with that bird feeder that needs a makeover!

Have a Water Sports Fest at Home

Alright, it’s time to put out your bubble machine and some water balloons and make a list of some water sports that you’ve been putting off such as water balloon baseball and water balloon tennis! Water you waiting for? The summer day isn’t going to last forever, so let the water fight and water blob begin to beat a hot day in the summer season!

Have a Game Day (or Night)

No, we don’t mean playing video games all day. We mean some good old fashioned games when your parents were in their good ol’ days! Play charades, Pictionary, Scrabble, or some board games like Monopoly for some family fun!

There are other activities that you can do whether you live alone, with your family, with your spouse, or with your friends this summer that can make your cabin fever suck less and more fun before the rainy season strikes again! As Spongebob said once, the magical place that you can have fun and stay safe at the same time is through indoors! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan some cool activities for kids (and for yourself and the whole group) to beat the heat before their next school year (and their next rainy days)!

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