One sure thing every book lover and collector dream about is to have their own dedicated home library and a personal reading nook where they can shut off the world and immerse themselves into the world of words. Even digital e-book readers will appreciate a cozy reading nook where they can read and relax at the same time. If you have enough space in your house for floor-to-ceiling shelves (matched with a sliding ladder), then you’re super lucky!

However, for those who don’t have enough floor space to pitch in a gigantic shelf, save that frown yet! We’ve compiled a list of home library ideas perfect for small space so that you can still enjoy a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ time, because every bookworm deserves a reading nook of their own!

Easy Home Library

A home library doesn’t need to be expensive or occupy a large space of your house. Simply install a freestanding book case in your living room or any corner or wall of your home. Place in a comfortable seating or armchair on one side, a pouf to serve as your side table and a floor lamp for that good lighting and you got yourself a cozy library in an instant!

Minimalist Home Library

Who said that setting up a home library needs a lot of space? Create a minimalist home library by simply adding in a sculptural, freestanding bookshelf and a sitting area by the window. Having a good light is a must in every reading nook, so by the window is far by one the best place to make your favorite retreat spot. Enjoy the trickle and sound of the rain in the background while reading your the classics with a warm mug of hot chocolate on the side!

Up in the Ceiling

If you think that your home or condo lacks that necessary reading space, maybe you haven’t looked enough. Just look up and you’ll find yourself enough room to stack your books into! If your room features a super high ceiling, then it’s the perfect place to add in built in shelves! Not only does make an efficient use of the space but will also an dramatic presentation of your beloved collection!


Your dining table can double up as reading spot with just a sprinkle of creativity! You can add floating shelves onto your dining room wall so it can serves as a double duty space for dining, entertainment, as well as for study!

Create A Library Around the TV

Filling the space around your television with your favorite books will not only maximize the wall space around it but will also remove the focal point from the appliance. It’s also a good reminder to shut off the technology for once and continue reading that book that you’ve started weeks or months ago.

Hallway Library

If the wall space in your home isn’t available for built in bookshelves (or you just don’t want to hammer down on your wall), why not try using the hallways instead? You can install bookshelves in one of the sides (or two if you can) of your hallways for that ‘walk in bookshelf’ feel!

Wall Library

Thinking of replacing those old, boring, and outdated wallpapers? Why not liven up your walls by using you own books? And no, we do not mean tearing off every page of your precious babies and plastering them onto the wall — that’s a serious crime to commit! Fill up your wall space with your favorite books! Not only that you are maximizing all the space in your home but your books can double up as decorative items!

Floating Shelves

small home library, small library ideas, how do i set up a small library at home?

Transform a part of your guest room (or any room you want for that matter) into a floating shelf by nailing in planks of wood onto the wall! This built in home library shelving is perfect for those who don’t have much extra space in their homes. Get those creative gears moving by arranging the wooden planks into symmetrical (or asymmetrical, depending on your taste) patterns and, paint them with colors that best compliment the aesthetics of your room!

Bedroom Library

Craving for a quick read before dozing off to sleep? Why not create a library inside your bedroom by adding books around your bed? There’s no better place to read your favorite novel than in the comfort of your sheets!

Build Bookshelves Over a Door

Let’s not forget the space on top of your doorways! This can also serve as storage for your beloved books! Or be your own interior designer and transform that entire door into a bookshelf itself! Talk about design and functionality in one!

Home Office Library

small home library, small library ideas, how do i set up a small library at home?

This design idea is perfect for those who are in a work-from-home (or online class) set-up. Keeping your books, magazines and folders near your office space or study area provides you easy access to important papers and documents if you want to check into some. Open a comic or novel right away if you need a quick relaxation from the burnout of work or school.

Repurpose an Awkward Space

Do you have a spot in your home that looks (and feels) slightly off to the sight? Spruce this space up by turning it into a home library or a reading nook! Hide those weird corners and awkward angles by displaying your book collection!

There is No Frigate Like a Book

Whether you are a bookworm who spends most of his time burying their heads into books and novels, or a casual reader who enjoys reading some short story or poetry here and then, we are certain that there’s a piece of literature that moved your soul and sent shivers down your spine.

By going through these creative, space-saving, small home library ideas, we hope that you find more ways and places to appreciate reading more. It’s like travelling miles away, through different worlds, dimensions, and timeline without moving a single inch from your spot. With just some sprinkle of creativity and magic dusts of imagination, you can carve out a personal nook for your home reading pleasure.

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small home library, small library ideas, how do i set up a small library at home?
small home library, small library ideas, how do i set up a small library at home?

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small home library, small library ideas, how do i set up a small library at home?

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