Investments for OFWs

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and migrant Filipinos are known for their serious work ethics and money saving tactics. With so many years spent working abroad alone, the thought of coming home to their family and indulging them with gifts made them live in frugality and simplicity. For that, they deserve a quality house and lot package built to last for future generations.

There are several real estate developers marketing their house and lot properties as the better investment option to OFWs. And while Vista Land may be one of those developers, here is what makes Vista Land stand out from the rest.

Perks of a Vista Land OFW investor

Being a Vista Land homeowner has numerous returns of investment. You get to see a continuous development of shopping malls, churches, schools, transportation services, and even an in-house telecommunication company within your community. Having amenities built gradually when you already reside in a certain Vista Land house and lot project is one of the reasons why these housing projects have high value appreciation rates.

Value appreciation aside, Vista Land communities are thoroughly planned right from the get-go.

For OFWs and migrant Filipinos, you are assured that your families in the Philippines live in a safe and well-developed subdivision. Before a community is developed, amenities that improve the standard of living of future homeowners are measured out. Even the smallest returns of investment are meticulously considered – from swimming pools and jogging paths down to shopping malls and its loyalty programs for regular shoppers.

Get rewards when moving into your new home at Vista Land

Because OFWs and local Filipino buyers spend millions of pesos just to acquire a house and lot in the Philippines, you instantly get special rewards from AllRewards when you move into a Vista Land property. AllRewards is a customer loyalty program by AllValue Holdings Corp essentially designed to encourage shoppers to earn points from respective retail stores at Vista Mall or StarMall nationwide.

All new homeowners of Vista Land get a free AllRewards Card where you can benefit from discounts, promos, and vouchers whenever you shop at the following stores: All Home, All Day, AllAmerican, AllToys, AllSports, Coffee Project, Bake My Day, Finds Finds, Vista Cinemas, KinderCity, Rufo’s, Chicken Deli, Market Liberty, and My Mother’s Cupboard.

For every PHP400 purchase at any of these stores, you get one (1) point. You also earn a fraction of a point when you make a purchase below the PHP400 minimum requirement.

Since most Vista Land house and lot and condo projects are situated near AllHome and AllDay stores, you can shop and dine conveniently without worrying about traffic and commute.

Fun fact: You would never have to worry about having your AllRewards membership card renewed because it will remain functional as long as you keep using it! 

AllRewards: Get points and privileges!

You might think of the AllRewards Card as merely a token of gratitude compared to the enormous savings you have invested away in a house and lot. But just like the little things in life, these small points go a long way. As you continue to use your membership card, your accumulated points can be used to pay for your purchases.

For select Vista Land communities, your AllRewards Card will be given on your move-in day.

Here is an exclusive preview of privileges you get from simply having an AllRewards card!

1)    Mobile and Online Shopping Vouchers

When you have just moved into your new home and you need groceries or a few house essentials, you can shop online at All Day and All Home’s website stores and get PHP250 off your purchase. Also, you also get additional mobile app vouchers when you download their mobile apps.

2)    All Home Gift Cards

For Brittany and Crown Asia homebuyers, you get a gift card of PHP3,000, PHP5,000, and PHP10,000 for purchases at PHP100,000, PHP150,000, and PHP200,000 at All Home respectively. (Note: This promo runs until March 31, 2021.)

While there are also a few developers in Vista Land that give away All Home Gift Cards when you reserve a house and lot unit, these giveaways are offered for a limited time only. 

3)    Appliance Offers

Appliance offers vary from developer to developer. Each developer has its own appliance package offer and usually, these packages are offered at a limited timeline. These types of offers are what you, as a homebuyer, should keep an eye on because these are essentially discounted items when you buy a home. You would not have to worry about buying new home appliances when moving in because the developer already has an exclusive offer for you.

4)    Interior Design Offers

Homebuyers can freely reach out to AllHome’s Interior Design Department to help them in designing their house and lot unit. A free interior design consultation is given to homebuyers who have not yet purchased products from the AllHome store. 

Having assistance in regards to your home’s interior design can ease the burden of finding the right home aesthetic on top of the process of moving in. You would not have to worry too much in finding the right curtains or the perfect couch for your living room since AllHome’s Interior Design team has got you covered.

Pro tip: Partner up with AllHome’s Interior Design Department before buying furniture and appliances at AllHome. This way, you are assured that you bought the right home furniture and appliances that go along with what you want your house and lot unit to look like!

By investing in a house and lot, you also get to enjoy countless discounts, freebies, and limited edition brand merchandise from your specific Vista Land community. Truly, Vista Land is at a whole new level when it comes to the standard of living in their communities. Imagine you just bought your first home investment and immediately upon reservation, you get exclusive giveaways that can help when you finally reside in one of the best communities in the Philippines.

These promos from AllRewards are beneficial for OFWs and migrant Filipinos who have spent a huge chunk of savings on your new home. You would not have to worry about spending more money on new home furniture and fixtures because Vista Land has move-in packages ready for you. Even when you are working abroad, your family can live a rewarding life that you have always dreamed of giving them.

Invest in Vista Land today! Vistaland International can help you find your dream home.

To every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and migrant Filipino who are looking for a house and lot or condo for sale in the Philippines, Vistaland International Marketing, Inc. (VIMI) has a diverse portfolio of OFW property investments for you. From socialized housing developments to condominiums in the Philippines, VIMI can satisfy the dream of every OFW investor to provide a worthy home to live in.

As the international marketing division of Vista Land, we provide several financial growth opportunities for OFWs’ real estate investment in the Philippines. Become an OFW investor and grow your real estate asset with VIMI! Connect to us via our live messenger button or contact us here.