Many people buy homes for themselves or for their families and loved ones to show a symbol of how successful they are through their hard work, and we get that every inspiring Filipino and OFW story doesn’t end there because it shows as one of the fruits of their labor and love when it comes to buying a property in the Philippine real estate market or to build one from the down up.

But it’s a challenge to choose the design and the type of your living space because you have to consider the budget, lifestyle, your preferences, and your taste, and believe us when we say that every house is unique in its own way, causing us to have a hard time in choosing whether to buy a preset property for you or to start from scratch and because of so many designs and types to choose from.

If you’re stuck in a rut to decide what type of house style and design you’re going for, don’t worry! We got you as we tell you the different house styles and designs for you to choose from so that you’ll save on the latter part of the hassle — which is to actually make it happen.

Types of Houses in the Philippines


Bungalow houses are one of the most common and popular house styles in the Philippines as they provide a single-story house with all the rooms found on one floor. These are found in most private subdivisions of the Philippines, so you can see that a typical bungalow house design is often described as a house with a sloped roof, sprawling floor plan, and an open floor plan. They’re ideal for those families who are disabled and who have older loved ones or retirees that have a hard time going up the stairs. Their low design makes them easy to move around from one space to another on the same floor.

Single Attached

A single attached home refers to a residential property where one wall is shared with a neighbor and there’ll be a spacious lot on the left or right of the house. It has a spacious backyard and a porch, too. They’re relatively affordable because their house dimension is the same as the property being shared a wall with. Given this and the fact that they’re next to each other, it’s perfect for extended families who need to live close (especially for elderly relatives). They also have open spaces and develop a sense of community as your neighbors can watch over your place from anything harmful or suspicious when you’re away.

Single Detached

If you want more privacy from nosy neighbors, then a single detached property is the one for you! They’re just the right size for extended or growing families and they give a lot more space to the heightened privacy level that condos haven’t had. They have open space on all sides and your house is in the middle of the lot, giving you a lot of space for you and your loved ones to move around. This is often found in rural areas as provinces have farms and other things they do with their lot, but it sends out a countryside vibe because it lets you relax and run free while you have the lot all to yourself.


If you see a bunch of row houses around urban cities in Metro Manila, then it’s a townhouse. This is the other house type that you would normally find in most subdivisions that has shared walls. Its spaces may be a bit smaller than average spaces of single attached and detached, but it’s more affordable without sacrificing the quality of the living space for starter families or for medium-sized families that need the right amount of space that they can’t get from a condo.

These have a designated carport and front yard so that you can have a decent amount of space for you to move around without worrying about where to park your car. Along with this, you may opt to rent out your townhouse before moving to bigger living space if you’re planning on renting it out as an Airbnb or as a place for rent for some passive income.


Whether you have a small family or just living on your own, a duplex is like a condo and an apartment into one, except it feels like you’re more than just a condo owner because it features two separate units, and it depends on how it’s built. If the units are on top of each other, then the floor of the upper apartment sits atop of the first-floor dwelling. If these two units are living side-by-side, there’s a common wall that separates these units from one another.

In short, everyone would assume it’s two floors because the dividing wall usually has stairs for each unit space. But here’s the catch: You don’t have ownership rights because you’re renting in from the owner of that duplex apartment. It’s either you own the ground floor, upper floor, or in an area that is next to another one. But it feels like you’re living in a condo because of this set up and you’d have your own life on your half, making it a win-win situation for different owners who don’t want to share a space.

Popular House Designs in the Philippines


Minimalist homes are becoming popular in the Philippines, especially the modern architecture ones. This design typically emphasizes a box-type feature with glass windows replacing brick stone walls, allowing more light to pass through the home to give the illusion of more space. In addition, this is a concept Filipinos adopted from the Japanese in terms of its nature because this home design aims to make the most limited space to address typical problems like clutter and having to make do with smaller than average spaces that cost much like those in densely populated areas around Metro Manila.

If you’re aiming for a minimalist home, you’d mostly like to aim for a traditional architecture style with an earthy color palette such as white, beige, black, rich browns, ecru, and brassy colors. You’d also eye for minimal and functional furniture that saves space and that would make the most out of the space you have.


Mediterranean style home designs have gained popularity because of the inspiration of upmarket resorts and beach-side properties throughout the years, and it has caught the eye of many architects and homebuilders for the refreshing vibe this house design exudes. especially if it’s in the middle of the busy city.

Although this home style is typical for upscale neighborhoods in the Philippines, Mediterranean style homes are usually described by wrought-iron balconies, terracotta exteriors, heavy wooden doors, tegola stone roofs, and colorful tiles to give it an accent. It allows the property to be unique on its own as it’s hardly a cookie-cutter type of house.

Mid Century Modern Design

Flourished from the 1940s when plywood and steel were utilized for this house design, the Mid Century Modern design is another idea Filipinos have adopted from American architecture. Known for its simplistic and symmetrical patterns, this house design is emphasized with open spaces and huge glass windows incorporating nature. This house design is quite popular in posh subdivisions and upscaled gated communities that are developed outside of Metro Manila, just like those Mediterranean style houses.

Country Style

One of the house styles that coffee shops and commercial businesses go for is the country style design. One of the reasons why many places go for a rustic vibe is because they want to evoke a reminiscent charm of a traditional bahay kubo with a few modern twists. Homebuilders aren’t behind with cottage style houses because they favor vintage elements and they have been incorporating shabby chic for the overall style of the property. It has been a classic choice for American homes, and some homeowners have taken antiques and rustic furnishings to complete the vintage aesthetic that used to be present in Old America.

Planning the Dream Home You Deserve

Whether you want a house and lot with a tropical design, a big space with a couple of swimming pools, or a floor area that will make everyone move around easier, it’s all up to you whether you want an understated charm of a cottage or an upscale and modernized lifestyle like one of the contemporary homes that you see in private subdivisions around the Metro.

You need to also consider the materials utilized in planning and making your dream home a reality, regardless of what the popular house style in the Philippines is because you also need to make sure that your dream home is strong and firm against natural disasters that might come. Rest assured that these house types and house designs will be your guide in choosing to buy (or build) the home you deserve for you and your loved ones because the fruit of your labor will be worth it in the end.

So this is your sign in eyeing and making your dream home that you’ve been planning for years. All you need is to get creative with the space that you’ll be using, a few new ideas, and a brand new slate to fill in.

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types of houses in the philippines, affordable house and lot for sale, rfo house, ofw house design, investment houses in the philippines

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