When you think of your pet, you think of the unconditional love and bond that you have as a human and an animal. Naturally, you want to provide only the best for them. The best food, the best supplements, and the best accommodations in your home. While you may not live a lavish lifestyle yourself, this doesn’t mean your furry friend cannot enjoy a space of their own besides yours.

Best Interior Designs for Your Pets

A new member of the family should feel just as welcome and at home as the rest. Whether you’re getting a puppy or adopting a kitten, you want your new best friend to feel as safe and as happy as you do in your own home.

If you’re looking for something specific, there are interior designs that you can integrate into your house specifically for your beloved furry friends. Check some of these suggestions below and see if you can do something like it on your premises.

Scarsdale Project

This particular design can be called a classic. Using neutral-toned furniture and hardwood, you can create a cozy entryway that contains all of your outdoor essentials. And what do you know, you can put a rinsing station for your pets just behind the door or somewhere near it so you can wash off the mud that your pet might track inside.

Woodland Hills House

If you live in pet-friendly condominiums or other tight-space locations, you might be a bit short on space. Why not try a built-in dog crate underneath your kitchen island? That way, you can enjoy your breakfast while keeping an eye on your furry family member as well. It is also easily accessible if you need to feed them or give them water.

Chic Chateau

A French Country style home is all about beautiful arches on doorways, windows, and even the cabinets. If you’re a pet owner with limited space in your location but still want your interior to be chic and classy, try putting a built-in dog food station right under the sink. It will be convenient for both you and your pet to have them be fed in the kitchen where you can dine together, just not at the same table.

English Tudor

If you and your family are pet lovers that own a traditional farmhouse outside of Metro Manila or the city and the interior design that goes with it, try having a built-in dog cabinet or dog crate in one of your more spacious areas like the living room. You can also add in a built-in eat station, just make sure it is a little spaced out from their pet bed.

California Cape Cod

Depending on your location, if you live in pet-friendly condominiums with a staircase or a house of your own, now is the time to put the cupboard space to good use. Many pet owners already do this but you can spice it up. Build your pet’s space according to their personality (or yours). It can be a place where your fur babies eat, sleep, or play. Just be sure the space is big enough that they are still comfortable when inside it.

Racine Mudroom Addition

Some domestic animals absolutely hate baths. Other pets are more amicable. Either way, they still need to be bathed and cleaned before you can play with them or leave them to roam around the house. An additional mudroom custom-designed to hold a shower area, a food station with two bowls, and other essentials just might be what you need. If you are in a location that allows this, why not, if it’s for your best buddy.

Tips on How to Housekeep Your Pet’s Space

While your fur baby is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your life, taking care of them and looking after them can be quite a challenge. If you have small children, you know how important it is to give them their own room or space to safely play and explore.

Pets are not humans but they can have the same human needs as your human children. It’s a relatively small price to pay if you consider the amount of joy and love they bring into your life. Nevertheless, there are still some housekeeping tips you can try to make your and your fur baby’s life easier at home.

Avoid wooden furniture

Pets with claws and teeth like dogs and cats are quite inclined to chew in things when they are younger. Try to steer clear of wooden furniture or other delicate materials that you might put on display and within their reach. Wooden furniture scratch easily and any damage done is damage seen. Other examples of easily damaged stuff are velvet couches and fabrics, delicate vases, or breakable lamps.

Try to provide as much space as possible

To avoid your pet running into or over your furniture, try to keep their space as clutter-free as you can. If you have a location that is big enough to provide them with ample space to play and run around, bring in minimal decors that they might damage. Dogs are more inclined to reach for things on the ground while cats love jumping onto various heights.

Windows are your pet’s friend

If you haven’t already noticed, most animals love the outdoors or as close as they can get to it. For housed pets, windows are a great alternative if you live in the city and don’t have a front or backyard for them to freely run around on. Avoid putting up heavy, blackout curtains in the room. Use sheer curtains instead and let all of that natural light come in.

A comfortable bed fit for royalty

A vital aspect of creating a pet-friendly space is giving your furry buddy their own throne in your kingdom. However, many make the mistake of making an uncomfortable sleeping area for their four-legged friends. Choose something that is made specifically for pets; one that is made with comfortable but durable material. You can change their bed pads according to the season as well. Keep a thinner bed for the summer and opt for a thicker one for winter. Switch it up and see which one suits them better.

Always keep the floors clean

The number one rule in a household full of domestic animals should be spotless floors. Whether that’s wood, tiles, or carpets, it should be free of clutter, dirt, foreign substances, and yes, that includes your pet’s poo and pee if they are not potty-trained (which they should be). The style of the flooring doesn’t matter as much as the material it is made of as this will determine how easy or hard it will be to clean for you.

What are the Benefits of Having a Pet?

Pets are not only there for the sake of aesthetics. They are cute creatures who will be loyal to you and love you until their final moments on this Earth. They want to spend their time with you, waiting for you to come home, and generally being the source of your happiness in life. Apart from this, they can also teach you how to have fun and enjoy life more. Below are other benefits of having a four-legged best friend.

Keeps you active

They may be small in size but your new best friend will still need the proper amount of exercise to stay healthy and live a long and happy life with you. Keep you and your baby from the sofa and go out for a walk in the park or just around the neighborhood. If the weather isn’t favorable, try playing catch or anything to get both your hearts pumping. Soon enough, this will become a habit and a healthy one at that.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Scientific research has shown that any animal, once domesticated and treated as a part of the family, can significantly lower the stress and anxiety of its owners. Dogs, cats, and even farm animals can be playful creatures that help ease whatever is stressing you out. Even just being in their presence can help you relax and breathe a little better and easier.

Improve your patience and sense of responsibility

No matter what type of domestic animal you take home, it will require all of your time and attention. Being responsible for another living creature will take patience and hard work on your part. Dogs and cats will be especially reliant on you to bathe, feed, walk, and love them with all your heart. In return, they promise to love you back and help you develop your sense of responsibility.

Improve your social skills

When you’re out walking your buddy, you might notice that people around you are more likely to smile, say hello, or even stop for a quick and friendly chat. You might even unintentionally meet a new friend through your beloved animal. Research shows that people with pets in public are viewed as kinder and more approachable, thus, the random conversations strangers strike up with you when you’re out and about with your pup.

The Bottomline

Whether you believe it or not, pets do have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and maybe even spiritual health. Research has shown that people who suffer from various health conditions have lesser chances of developing depression and greater chances of recovery if they keep pets. Certainly, animals are intelligent beings that deserve utmost care, respect, love, and a good home to take them in.

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