There’s no going back, just moving forward


While there had been a gradual lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in some of the regions of Luzon, this is nowhere near going back to the way it was before. We are now faced with the new normal, where precaution will be just as important as the air we breathe. The need for constant distance, leaning towards being remote as much as possible, and the added necessity for a more cautious way of living will be the adjustments that will stay as our clear choice instead of being just a convenient option. The effects of this new normal will be apparent to different sectors of society – agriculture, energy, manufacturing, retail, and even real estate. As drastic as these changes may seem, however, COHO – Vista Land’s newest brand for beautiful, stylish, and high-quality condominium units – is well-equipped for what will be known as the ‘new normal’.


1. Physical Distancing

The most evident change that will be observed after lifting the ECQ is the need to maintain social distance during and after going to public places. This is of utmost importance given the high risk of having contact with the virus. For COHO’s business partners, however, this will not be an issue as each condominium unit puts a premium on spaces. The square-shaped 30 sqm for 1 bedroom and 40 sqm for 2 bedroom unit configurations are nothing like the narrow units of other condominiums. COHO projects also usually have around 19 units per floor, making it less dense than other developments.

2. Window Hours

Retail stores will also have to adjust their operating hours to minimize physical interactions, consequently lessening possible exposure to illnesses. This might take an additional toll on those who need to spend extra time to go to these stores, but not for COHO investors. COHO developments are situated just a few minutes from home-grown retail brands, having easy access to Vista Malls and All Day Supermarkets. Each project benefits from the synergy created by every master-planned developments’ residential, commercial, and retail components.


3. Working Remotely

Once ECQ is lifted, many businesses are still leaning towards observing a Work From Home (WFH) arrangement given a realigned operations model. A WFH setup is seen as a way to keep more people safe and comfortable without sacrificing the stability of the organization. This can be a welcome change for those who have invested in COHO for its units are automation-ready with a Fiber-To-The-Home Service that will allow control over the lighting, air-conditioning system, and other electronic devices conveniently through their mobile phones and preferred service provider.


4. Healthy Living

Now more than ever, we are presented with the need to stay healthy and fit to boost our immune system. More than being cautious to not contract the virus, we must also maintain a healthy lifestyle to add a layer of protection for ourselves. COHO is the perfect investment to do just that since its vast amenity area indulges you with having a fitness gym and sprawling open spaces for yoga, pilates, and other forms of healthy meditations.


5. Virtual Gatherings

Occasions and events will also be greatly affected by the prohibition of mass gatherings. Online concerts have been the trend during the quarantine period and it looks as though this will still be the situation in the new normal we’ll be facing. Thus, it is fitting to enjoy these virtual gatherings inside the beautiful and spacious comforts of your condo home offered by COHO.

Despite the trying times, it is vital to still think of the future and develop a plan through a wise investment that is best suited for your lifestyle. With COHO’s ability to adapt to inevitable changes in society, it has grown to be undeniably one of the most rewarding investments in the real estate industry. In this new normal, its mandate to give investors what they deserve in terms of property management becomes even more evident. COHO is sure to implement measures of social distancing, ensure tight security, and align protocols to guarantee COVID-free communities. Being a mid-rise development also proves to be an added advantage as you can still enjoy the conveniences of your condo home while feeling safe in a more breathable, more spacious, and more pleasant environment.

Given all these, it is essential to not only learn from the past but to be cautious at the present. There might be no going back to the days when there was no COVID-19 virus to fear about, but there’s moving forward with what we’ll come to know as the new normal.

Credits to: COHO Official Website

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