You may be looking forward to traveling to different places and basically just touring around the world, but nothing can still quite compare to the domestic feeling of staying in the comforts of your own condo home– the sanctuary of your indoor life. Once in a while, spending more time at home helps you have a better grasp of any kind of situation you’ll have to deal with right now. After all, a pause is just as important as the next step you’re going to make. And what better place to appreciate your beautiful lifestyle than inside your own space?

With that, we’ve listed down ten simple ways for you to appreciate the lowkey indoor life.

1. Read that book.

indoor life

We know you’ve been to that book fair multiple times, so it’s about time you finally give your attention to the shelf’s back portion. Before hoarding another set, open that book with that interesting plot – it might be just the good read you need!

2. Work it out.

With multiple physical, mental, and emotional benefits, there should always be a time and place for working out. Relax in the confines of your own home, but don’t forget to still take care of your body.

3. Try a new dish.

Explore your cupboard and maximize the ingredients you didn’t actually know you had. Seek the help of the internet every once in a while for some tips and take time to come up with a new dish with a twist!

4. Learn a new instrument.

If you’re planning to learn that new instrument and be able to sing your favorite song with your own accompaniment, now is finally the time! Nothing is too hard to learn, and it will never be too late to try.  

5. Watch local.

It is always tempting to binge-watch on trending international series, but you might also want to give some Filipino classics a chance. Now that there’s a lot of digitally restored installations and movies, you can easily find the local film your friends had been gushing about.

6. Redesign your room.

Finding things that you thought were long gone, reliving memories that come with the souvenirs, and finally getting the inspiration you need – these are just some of the benefits of cleaning and redesigning your room. So unleash your creativity and just get going!

7. Take care of a plant.

If you want to add something to the list of things that you look forward to going home to your condo, why not take care of a plant? Watching it grow before your eyes will surely give you a sense of fulfillment, and if you’ll be inspired enough to talk to your plants afterwards, no one will actually point it out.

8. Start a blog.

In this age of social media, there are always more innovative ways to showcase your experiences. Why not start your own blog and share your thoughts to other people? After all, inspiring them with your personal testimonies might give you a satisfying feeling you can always treasure. 

9. Bring back that playlist.

Sure, there are indeed a lot of catchy and meaningful songs today, but having a little bit of nostalgia in your veins can never hurt. Create your own playlist with all the tunes you loved – or still do – and reminisce about what it was like during the good old days. 

10. Catch up with family.

Of course, talking to people close to your heart and to people who understand your mind brighten your day almost immediately. Grab every opportunity to share your life with your family, and spend time on things that matter together. 

All these simple tasks will be more meaningful once you do them in a space you’re comfortable with – this is why your condo should feel more than a space, it should feel like home