Sometimes we choose to stay indoors, sometimes the bad weather, an illness or other circumstances make it necessary for us to spend time indoors. Regardless of the reason, staying at home has become a joy for indoor sessions.  

However, because of circumstances brought by COVID-19, many outdoor gatherings were prohibited. Even essential things such as work where you’re needed in the field.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) had it rough too. They faced several challenges from staying too long abroad such as running out of emergency funds, yearning for their children, and going through homesickness.

With these changes, we don’t have a choice but to stay inside our homes and think of something we can use our day and time wisely and also be productive for the rest of the day.

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Creative Things to Do At Home

While dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic or other life event making you stay inside your home, think of the resources you have and try to maximize and do the best out of them.

We have arranged a list of fun ideas and exercises to do at home to better appreciate your condo living. A few of them are truly fun within the sense simply will unquestionably have a great time doing them whereas the others will be energizing as they are modern and will empower you to create modern recollections whereas doing them.

Indoor Activities in Your Condo for the Whole Family

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it was a new working and living environment. Especially for the children. They easily get restless and would often want to spend time outdoors with other children in their age group.

However, indoor activities can be a lot of fun for families. You just have to think outside the box and keep it simple when it comes to indoor action. In which the whole family will enjoy and as well as forming a strong bond together. There are websites such as Pinterest where you can get more DIY projects and unique ideas to do with your children.

Plan a Picnic

If your family misses outdoor picnics, you’ll be able to bring this mid-year movement into your terrace instep! Begin by planning a conventional outing lunch like sandwiches, natural products, and potato chips. Stack everything into a bushel and bring it to your outing goal, whether it’s a cover on the garden or a yard table. Your family will have something to talk about and a dosage of vitamin D.

Build an Indoor Labyrinth

Create a puzzling path inside your home using chairs, pillows, or any available materials and create simple patterns similar to children’s board games. Your kids will surely love this kind of game! Make sure that the items you’re going to use in making obstacles won’t hurt anybody who’ll participate in the game.

Learn Cooking

Kids particularly cherish making pie, pastries, and pizza since they can squish the mixture with their fingers. When the baking and cooking is done, sit back and appreciate a bite with a nearby drink.

Star Gazing

To start this fun outdoor activity, download a star chart from the web. At that point select one spot in your yard that manages a clear view of the sky, and wander outside to observe how the night sky changes each day.

Indoor Camping

Longing for the great outdoors? Campgrounds may be closed, but you can improvise a camp set up in your condo! Set up cover fortifications or tents, tell a short story around a “fire” (candles or light), and eat snacks like s’mores. This idea is great for children since you’re basically taking the outdoor action right in your condo.

Indoor Activities in Your Condo for Solo Condo Living

No matter your circumstance, it’s critical to require time for yourself in a way that’s important to you. With the raging pandemic, community lockdowns are bound to happen anytime. So why not do something outside your comfort zone yet within the safety of your condo in the Philippines? Alone time can be mentally mending. Isolation in your condo home can kickstart your imagination, grant your point of view, or rest your mind.

Paint Your Story

Choose a paintbrush. You don’t have to be a present-day da Vinci to appreciate the portrayal. Get a glass of water, a little paint, and a canvas or paper. Get your hands dirty. Your push will reduce with each stroke. Being an artist doesn’t require good canvas skills. Just start painting to release yourself. This mini art class for yourself can be quite a stress reliever and a great medium to channel your emotions. Don’t want to paint? There are adult coloring books in the market that’ll surely take your mind off things.

Time To Tune

It doesn’t matter if it’s on vinyl, a cassette, or gushed from Spotify. Turning on your favorite music can boost your temperament and help you in distress. One of the great things about listening to music is that you can have your own dance party right in your living room.

Improve Your Closet

Rearranging your closet can help you to focus on what you cherish, need, or require. Reorganizing by season, color, or cut can offer assistance and give a new viewpoint, and tidying up will make you feel way better about yourself and your environment.

Learn to Meditate

While there are numerous diverse approaches to meditate, preparing the mind can have far-reaching benefits for individual association. If you’re fairly getting started, apps like Headspace or Calm give guided contemplations, shifting in length and center.

Compose a Passage in Your Journal

We’re living through a critical minute in history. As overwhelming the everyday news and vulnerability of the pandemic can be, journaling your contemplations and encounters will be particularly important to look back for a long time down the street. Also, the physical handle of putting your feelings and viewpoint down on paper can be greatly cathartic.

Make a Scrapbook

Take a trip down memory lane and have yourself a crafter at noon at the same time. A scrapbook can also be a photo book or photo album with your children and family.

Looking back at upbeat times will warm your heart, whereas planning page formats and cutting page extras will provide you a reflective center.

Virtual Activities To Do in Your Condo

The COVID-19 widespread has changed the conventional ways of working. It caused critical disturbances over different businesses, driving companies to embrace elective strategies to remain above water. With the physical occasions getting to be a removed plausibility, the virtual occasions have taken over.

Virtual occasions give an internet stage that connects all players in a web environment, completely breaking up the imperatives of physical environments. 

They become important devices particularly when companies have delegations in completely different places, or when the occasion involves an expansive number of participants partaking who are working remotely.

Virtual events have changed groups: webinars, virtual preparing sessions, video conferences, webcasts, online conferences, and group building exercises.

Having limited space inside your condo unit will hinder your plan from doing physical pursuits. So here are some indoor activities that you can do virtually.

Playing Online Games

In any case, online gaming can be positive for youthful individuals. Recreations require a level of interaction and ability from the player; not at all like observing tv, which is more inactive. Diversions can be a concern for guardians and instructors, but playing diversions can moreover have useful impacts for children and youthful individuals.

Games are very attractive and require a higher level of accidents, troubleshooting, and patience. Most games require a strategy that understands the rules and works within them. All matches offer a combination of internal and external compensation.

Contrary to popular belief, online games can actually help develop children’s sense of unity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through constant communication. It also provides children with the opportunity to practice their communication and conflict resolution skills.

Watching With Friends

The timely launch of Netflix Party, now known as Teleparty, allows users to stream TV shows and movies with friends and family. The Google Chrome extension also includes a chat room for users to talk to each other, or you can run a separate video or voice app in the background for those who are more tech-savvy.

It is also particularly useful for coordinating virtual meetings because it synchronizes shows or movies for everyone through links, so if one person clicks the pause button, the others will also pause.

Even if you can’t go to the movies or invite family to watch movies, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a movie night together with your parents or loved ones. Try to use social apps that can share your screen with them such as Zoom or Facebook Messenger app.

Learn Cooking Online

Many people treat cooking as a hobby and some show off their new cooking skills by posting photos of freshly baked bread, cakes, and cookies on social media. But through a video calling social media app to help you and your friends baked together, making cooking a shared experience has never been easier.

Work-out With Friends

Although the public can exercise outdoors, why not exercise at home with friends to stay motivated? Video calls make it easy for multiple friend groups to exercise together, whether it’s an energizing Zumba dance or a relaxing yoga class.

Of course, exercise can also improve your physical health and physique, improve your abdominal circumference, improve your lifestyle, and maintain a long and healthy life. However, it does not motivate most people to stay active.

People who exercise regularly give a huge sense of well-being and tend to do so. They feel more energetic all day, sleep better at night, have clearer memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. It also reduces stress and boredom, improves memory, helps with a good night’s sleep, and improves overall mood.

And you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to get the benefits. Studies show that the right amount of exercise can make a big difference. Regardless of your age and fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to address your mental health challenges, improve your energy and outlook, and enrich your lifestyle.

Connect With Your Family

Having good friendships, relationships, and social connections with family plays an important role in caring for our health. Taking steps to separate yourself and socially distance you can begin to feel that you are out of contact with society. It hurts our mood. 

Therefore, it is more important than ever to stay connected to your loved ones while staying away from the effects of coronavirus infection.

OFWs have already spent enough time alone and away from their family in the Philippines. And in situations where you can’t meet your relatives and children in person, video calling on the phone can help bridge the gap. 

Organizing regular updates can give you something to look forward to and can also help you increase the structure of your day.

Opening Up to Your Family

Naturally, all kinds of emotions will be felt during these trying times. Sharing each other’s feelings can help them better understand and manage their feelings. 

By talking about your feelings, you may find that you can share different ways of thinking and get different perspectives. You can also reduce feelings of loneliness about yourself and get helpful advice from your family members that you trust.

During times of trouble in a place or even isolated under the same roof, stress, anxiety, and even depression are likely to begin to take over.

If it happens to you, know that it is normal, especially in chaotic situations. It is equally important to listen to each other. Listening with compassion and understanding can be very comforting.

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