Wondering how to use Room GPT? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Technology plays an indispensable role in shaping the trajectory of human civilization. From the discovery of fire to the development of advanced artificial intelligence systems, technology has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of life, expanding knowledge, and transforming various aspects of human existence.

One of the breakthroughs of technology is the integration of artificial intelligence.

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is a kind of technology that can perfom human-like tasks such as analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, learning, reasoning, and perception. It can also analyze large volumes of data and identify patterns to come up with predictions.

Speaking of which, Chat GPT holds the title of being the most popular AI right now. You’ve probably seen it everywhere: from Youtube tutorials on how to use this tool, Tiktok reels on how to use it in real estate, to social media posts highlighting its quirks and the users’ funny interactions with the ai. Without a doubt, Chat GPT is talk of the town right now!

But do you know that there are other AI tools that you can utilize, especially in real estate? You’ve heard of ChatGPT, now get ready for Room GPT!

What is Room GPT?

how to use room gpt

Created and published by Hassan El Mghari in March 2023, Room GPT is an ai room generating tool that allows users to generate ‘true-to-life image variations’ of an uploaded room photo through different prompts.

Here, you can create your dream home interior in seconds and use that generated room design to transform any part of your house. Room GPT exploded popularity on TikTok when users shared their personal creations on the app.

Room GPT is powered by an ML model called ControlNet– which uses the combination of natural language processing and machine learning. This helps the AI understand your prompts and generate variations of your rooms with additional features under different themes. Also, Room GPT is hosted on Replicate while Upload is used for image storage.

How to Use Room GPT?

Now you might be curious how Room GPT works. Don’t worry! Using this ai tool is not rocket science! All your need is a photo of your current room and loads of your creativity & imagination!

Simply go the the website at https://www.roomgpt.io/ and create an account using Google for free. Upon signing up, you will be given 3 credits to try out the AI. Upload a picture of the room you want to redesign and select the room type from the drop down menu. Next, choose the theme you want– modern, minimalist, or vintage? You are your own style. Select up to four variations then hit ‘render designs.’ And that’s it! The ai is on its way for transforming your space into your personal haven!

However, after exhausting the three credits you have, you need to subscribe to the available packages to continue using the tool. The cheapest package is $7 with 25 credits. If you are looking for more credits, you can opt to purchase the $29-package with 200 credit. Sounds like a good deal right?

The Uses and Advantages of Room GPT

Effortless Designs in an Instant

AI tools like Room GPT eliminate the tedious method of trial and error. All you need to do is upload a photo, select the prompt and wait for the magic to happen. If aren’t happy with the results, you can just redo the process in a couple of minutes. Everything happens fast and in real time!

Suggestions that are Aligned with Your Style

Since RoomGPT comes with options for themes, you can easily select one that suits your aesthetic. Or if you are in the process of discovery, it’s easier for you to look into and compare each design.

Chance to share and collaborate with other members of the fam

Picking out designs for your room can be exciting when you get to share options with the rest of the fam. Since Room GPT works in real time, you can send the results to your family (or friends) and get immediate feedbacks. They can easily tell whether the room looks tacky, crowded, or, lacking. Similarly, they can point out if you are using the wrong paint color or furniture.

The exploration of designs is endless

Room GPT is a continuously-learning ai tool. Meaning, with the constant uploading of photos and data, it will hone its ability to create more accurate designs and intricate details. Technology is evolving ever continuously.

Mix and match styles to create unique outcomes. Using Room GPT lets you unleash all the creativity in your system!

Redesign old interior designs of house models

As this AI tool allows your to upload photos of an existing living space or room, real estate developers can use Room GPT to redo the interior design of their showcase units to give it a fresh new look.

Interior designs trends come and go over time, so its vital that real estate companies keep up with what’s hot in the charts to attarct more property buyers.

User-friendly interface

Room GPT has a user-friendly interface, so even those aren’t ‘techy’ will still have a great time using it. It would only take a few clicks and voila!

Limitations of the Tool

While Room GPT work wonders, there are still limitations in the app which are as follows:

  • It may give you impractical designs, for instance, adding a swimming pool in an apartment building.
  • It cannot handle detailed technical drawings which are also essential in on-site interior designing
  • You cannot customize further the generated images by the AI.
  • Rare inputs can be hard to be visualized by the AI.
  • It may not have an in-depth understanding of the variations in culture, tradition, lifestyles, and specifics needs of every household member
  • It may lead to abuse and fraud as other someone may pretend as a professional interior designer even without the right training and skillset.
  • And most importantly, it cannot replace the skill and expertise of a seasoned and professional interior designer.

Final Takeaway

The advent of technology has greatly sprung humankind millions of miles away. Today, we are reaping benefits of various techs that improve our way of life.

While AI has made remarkable advancements and showcased impressive capabilities, it cannot fully replace the role of humans. Human intelligence encompasses a wide range of cognitive abilities, such as creativity, emotional understanding, intuition, and moral reasoning, which are not easily replicated by AI systems. These uniquely human traits enable us to approach complex problems from various perspectives, think critically, and make judgment calls based on nuanced considerations.

Additionally, human interaction and empathy play a vital role in many domains. Fields such as healthcare, counseling, and customer service heavily rely on the human touch, as they involve understanding and responding to the emotions and needs of individuals. AI may assist in these areas, providing valuable insights and support, but the deep connection and compassion that humans offer are irreplaceable.

It is worth noting that while AI can augment and enhance human capabilities in many domains, it cannot completely replace the multifaceted role that humans play. The integration of AI with human intelligence and expertise is key to achieving the most effective and beneficial outcomes for society.