It’s no secret that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) want to provide their family a proper home in the Philippines. The homebuying process while being away from your family can be overwhelming. With different time zones and miscommunications, they would always have a hard time talking to real estate agents in the Philippines while working abroad.  

Vistaland International cares for the welfare OFWs. Especially during the homebuying process where OFWs and migrant Filipinos are prone to scams and frauds.

Here are the complete steps on how you can start your real estate investment and property investment journey while you are abroad. Just follow the steps below on how an OFW like you can easily reserve a property while abroad.

how an ofw can reserve a property while abroad

OFW inquires about the available house and lot for sale in the Philippines at our offices abroad.

The real estate broker or salesperson explains the overview of the property or subdivision.

OFW selects a specific house model/condo unit and subdivision.

The real estate salesperson presents a sample computation and the requirements.

OFW fills out the reservation documents and pays the reservation fee through online reservation.

Duly filled out documents are sent to the Philippine Head Office for final approval.

Upon approval of the application, documents are processed in the Philippines.

Once the documents have been verified, the admin officer will send a welcome letter for the down payment instructions.

Still hesitant to reserve a property abroad? It’s best to have a reliable real estate salesperson to talk about your OFW property investments. Luckily, Vista Land International has a network of global salespersons! You can browse through our available properties for sale and send us a message to get started with your real estate investments.

Vista Land International Marketing, Inc. (VIMI) is the international marketing division of Vista Land. Aiming to provide OFWs and migrant Filipinos a home in the Philippines, VIMI has established long-lasting relationships with brokers and clients around the world.

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