Majority of the workforce suddenly transitioned into a work-from-home set up at the onset of pandemic; transforming our comforting four-cornered haven into a sanctuary of paperworks and tight deadlines. While a couple of adjustments were to accommodate the new work system, a lot of people has seen and appreciated the comfort of working inside your own abode. No more rushing to the avoid the morning traffic, no more corporate clothing from the waist down, and you have saved a lot in your food and travel expenses.

Now that the pandemic is over, we were transported back again to our ‘old normal’– long drives or commute going to work sporting that corporate clothing as you make a quick trip to a nearby convenience store for your breakfast. But recently, there’s a trend that’s alters the work system once again: workcation.

What is workcation?


Imagine a work set up where you can engage in leisure activities while answering work emails? It may seem far fetched but let me tell you, it is one of the trends in this ever-evolving generation. Let us introduce you to workcation!

Workcation is a conjoined term of ‘work’ and ‘vacation.’ This kind of work set up somehow lies on the same spectrum of remote work. According to Recruitee, workcation is simply abandoning the workplace, not the work itself. Sometimes, you may encounter the term ‘bleisure,’ short for ‘business and leisure’ which basically means the same thing.

But what makes workcation a hit to this generation’s workforce?

Well, imagine your normal working hours consisting of opening windows to picturesque views of your favorite tourist spot while you sit comfortable on your couch or hammock answering work emails. Well essentially, that is what workcation is all about! Unlike remote work, you can spend time a couple of hours for relaxation without sacrificing your limited number of paid vacation leaves or vacation days. All you need is your laptop, a good internet connection, and great sense of responsibility and you’re good to go!

What are the three types of workcation?

Before switching from working remotely to taking a workcation, first you need to figure out how long you want to stay in this kind of set up. Check out the three types of workcation and see what fits best your schedule.

  • Short term workation- this type of workcation usually lasts for 4-5 days and remote workers travel to nearby destinations for a swift return
  • Medium term workations- usually lasts for few weeks up to a month. Workers go outside their hometowns but don’t leave the country.
  • Long term workations- these are the ones that lasts for months to years. You are being relocated to other countries and thus may sometimes require work permits or visa. Long term workations are categorized into two: group and solo.

The Benefits of Workcation

Workcation offers a multitude of benefits– from promoting a healthy work life balance to improving one’s mental health. If you want to break free from the stresses of your nine-to-five grind, then switching to working vacation may be the suitable option for you.

Reduces the feeling of job burnout

job burnout

A July 2022 survery conducted by the research analytics firm Milieu Insight and mental health technology firm Intellect revealed that Filipinos have stronger mental health capacities compared to other countries in the region. For insights, 78% of the Filipino respondents rated their mental health to be at ‘good,’ ‘very good,’ and excellent; far from the scores of Indonesians and Singaporeans which are 68% and 57%, respectively.

This may be a good time to hit high numbers but let us not stray away from the fact that job burnout still exists in workplaces. In fact, a study conducted by the same firms showed that 52% of Filipino employees still experience job burnout at least a couple of times a month.

And this is where workcation comes into action. Since workcation essentially combines work and vacation at the same time, you can easily take some time off when you feel like your job is weighing down on you.

Boosts your productivity and creativity

This new kind of office environment not only puts out the flame of job burnout but also kickstarts the creative gears in your mind. Since your mind is clear and free from stresses, you can easily craft ideas and develop insights that are useful to your projects and tasks.

It’s like replenishing your creative juices after having a new muse!

Explore places and meet deadlines at the same time

how do you take a workcation

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Been wanting to explore the lovely city of Barcelona but still have tons of work emails to attend to? Well, you can accomplish them both at workcation!

And the key to achieve this? Smart time management!

Disconnect and Reconnect

Disconnect from the outside world for a while and reconnect with yourself within. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to talk to yourself on a spiritual level so take advantage of it during your workcation!

Coming home feeling fresh and inspired

Ever dreamed of coming home from work with an increased job satisfaction and less burnout? Workcation will give you enough dose of that! With the work flexibility and freedom this kind of setup offers, employers tend to have long tenures in the company. The company, in return, benefits as well with a lower employee turnover.

Should you go take a workcation?

lady on a vacation

Switching to a workcation setup, where you combine work with leisure in a different location, is an exciting prospect, but it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure it’s both productive and enjoyable. Here are some important considerations before making the switch:

Internet Connectivity

Reliable high-speed internet is non-negotiable for remote work. Research and confirm the quality of internet connectivity at your destination before you go. Consider having a backup plan like a mobile hotspot or a coworking space with reliable Wi-Fi.

Time Zones

If you have meetings or work that needs to be done during specific hours, consider the time zone difference between your current location and your workcation destination. Ensure your working hours align with your job requirements and schedule.

Work Responsibilities

Be clear on your work responsibilities and deadlines during your workcation. Communicate your plans with your employer or team and make sure they are on board. Set clear expectations for your availability and working hours.


Create a dedicated and comfortable workspace where you can be productive. Ensure you have all the necessary equipment, such as a laptop, charger, ergonomic chair, and a quiet environment free from distractions.

Backup Plans

Have contingency plans in case of unexpected issues, such as technical problems, power outages, or emergencies. This could involve knowing nearby coworking spaces or having a backup location with reliable internet.

Final Takeaway

Whether you choose to set up your laptop on a beachfront villa, in a bustling urban center, or amid the serene beauty of nature, the workation trend represents a paradigm shift in how we view work and leisure. It encourages us to seize the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow while fulfilling our professional commitments.

With the right preparation and mindset, a workation can be a transformative experience that redefines the boundaries between work and life, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and balanced existence in our rapidly changing world.