For decades, minimalism has taken the internet by storm; just take a couple of scrolls in your Facebook or Instagram account, and chances are, you will pass through a photo of a nude-colored room, sporting a clean and streamlined look, with the caption #minimalism, #minimalist design.

While the term ‘less is more’ dominated the interior decorating scene, younger generations have decided to embrace organized chaos, and are now living on a new maxim–‘the more, the better.’

It’s hard to establish a concrete structure when it comes to maximalism, but its core elements revolve around patterns, colors, textures, and some sprinkles of meaningful objects. Layer them up in one space and you’ll get a maximalist look!

What is maximalist interior design?

maximalist interior design

‘Go big in your home,’ is the simplest way to describe a maximalist design. It is the celebration and freedom of new and existing ideas, of personal style and expression, of someone’s creative mind and passion. Think of it as creating a giant kaleidoscope inside your home, dancing in front of your eyes are bold colors, textures patterns, and a mix of all sorts of treasures and trinkets.

While some may think of maximalist decor as merely ‘clutter,’ it actually spans beyond that messy and not-so-cohesive look of the room. It keeps your eyes busy, as they traverse through a multitude of organized mess, of a beautiful chaos. A maximalist home may look unorganized, but that’s the essence of it! It strays away from the conformity of its minimalist counterpart–breaking off from the chain of clean lines and nude colors, splattering a wonderland of colors and patterns into the formerly white canvass.

While this may sound new to many, this design style has been around for decades, and we can all thank the Victorians and their eclecticism (which are highly-evident in their heavy window treatments, upholstery, and grand decors) that they served as design inspirations for modern-day maximalism.

Another notable person that we can take into account for this revolutionary approach is Madeleine Castaing, a French decorator who shook the design world in the 1940s with her bold and strict adherence to patterns and colors. She combined romance and neoclassicism in one to create a new, picturesque atmosphere, eventually solidifying her pedestal as one of the interior decorating legends in the 20th century.

While maximalism gives you all the freedom to bring your wildest ideas to life, there’s still a fine line that separates interior design from pure clutter. So, to avoid turning your living space into a dumpster, here are some ways on how you can create your own maximalist space!

Creating Your Maximalist Space

Add rich and extensive colors

The first of the three main elements of a maximalist design is incorporating bold and vibrant colors. Compare to minimalism which is the usual nude and white, maximalist interiors welcome all sorts of colors– with bright emerald, navy blue, sapphire, black, and fuchsia pink taking the front seat. Some interior designers balance the loudness of these colors by integrating light furniture and accessories while some amplify it by adding more colorful furniture.

Don’t be afraid to add repetitive patterns

pattern wallpaper living area design

They say that repetition leads to boredom, but not in maximalist design! On the contrary, it even encourages the use of patterned wallpaper decked with abstract patterns, floral or animal prints.

“Hexagons, zig-zags, spots – any repeating pattern – all work well together to achieve an alternative, maximalist pattern clash. Keep the palette bold and bright to make the most of these patterns,” advises Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains.

In fact, patterned wallpapers are the most popular trend for bathrooms in 2021. Currently, tropically-themed wallpapers are the latest in trend (you know, palm leaves, tropical flowers, and bamboo shoots), but if you aren’t that much a fan, you can opt for geometrical shapes instead!

What’s more, is that there are no commitment issues– paste them whenever you want and tear them off when you have a change of heart!

Say it with a statement piece!

statement piece frog design

A maximalist style promotes self-expression in your own space, so feel free to show off your collection of souvenirs, trinkets, and other accessories you’ve acquired from your previous travels and getaways, or your short trip to the nearest antique shop! That latest purchase of a brass owl figurine can serve as the focal point in your living room!

Most people who embraced the maximalist interior design are collectors, proudly showcasing the rich textures of their precious collection of meaningful objects– giving every curious eye a sneak peek into their kaleidoscope soul.

So, if you have an interesting collection hidden away in the four corners of your cabinet, it’s time to bring them out into the spotlight!

A dash of plush and velour fabrics

Speaking of colors and textures, do you know that plush and velour fabrics also have regular attendance in maximalist space? For those who aren’t familiar, plush fabrics are made of soft and fluffy material that adds elegance and depth inside your cluttered home.

For a more striking aura, opt for turquoise, ruby red, emerald, or sapphire-colored upholstery fabric.

Be bold with gold!

gold decorations

One thing that is present in almost all types of design trends is the timeless elegance of gold. Accentuate your maximalist room by adding gold-plated furniture or decorations. From mirror frames, lamp bases, and even that basket of fruit on top of your coffee tables, you can easily add a touch of gold to your maximalist home.

Never Go Out of Style

Now you might go worried that this interior design will make smaller spaces look even minuscule or worse, crowded and tacky. But don’t worry! A seasoned interior designer plus your creative mind will pull the trick for you!

Before you go start bringing in artifacts or bringing out your personal collection, make sure that you’ve envisioned how your room will turn out inside your head. Even though the maximalist design is a collection of all sorts, it still walks on a thin line between being pleasing to the eye and being too much. So, it’s important to take into account every detail you’re going to incorporate here–remember, you are creating an organized mess, not purely chaos.

So, if you want to turn your home into a kaleidoscope wonderland while at the same time unleashing all of your creative juices, then it’s time to go maximalist! It’s time to go big inside your home!