An archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is undeniable one of the best countries in the Asia Pacific to live in. From the stunning natural sceneries, friendly locals, and lower cost of living expenses, there are numerous reasons why investing in real estate properties in the Philippines are worth your money.

Metro Manila is the most preferred area by investors, primarily since it’s the capital city, but let’s be honest here; the Manila is getting crowded already. There are locations in the suburbs that provide the same or better hollistic experience and living benefits. Getting away from the pollution and fast-paced of life in the Metro is also a huge bonus!

If you are looking for the best province to live in the Philippines outside Metro Manila, then we’ve got your back covered! Here are Vista Land International’s top suburban picks where you can buy affordable real estate properties!

A Bouncing Real Estate Market

But before we dive deep into it, let’s take a quick cruise on the current landscape of the real estate market in the Philippines.

According to Colliers, the mega infrastructure projects in provinces around Metro Manila accounts for the rebound of the real estate market. Employment and business opportunities flourish as these projects slowly materialize.

“The implementation of key infrastructure projects nationwide has provided access to properties that could be redeveloped into mixed commercial, residential, hotel/leisure and industrial estates. These projects also helped the government bring economic opportunities to areas outside the Philippine capital,” Colliers adds.

Buying a House in Province? Check out these Locations!

Gateway to the Northern Philippines: Bulacan

best province to live in the philippines
Photo: IJVelas, Wikimedia Commons

One of the main advantages of buying a property in the province of Bulacan is its proximity to the capital city. Just an hour away from the Manila, you can never miss out on the latest happenings and events in the city while coming home to a historic and serene refuge in Bulacan.

Bulacan is a province of culture and heritage; with various historical sites and homes littering its cities. It is also the seat of the First Philippine Republic and is a home to sumptuous dishes, delicacies, and sweet treats. Tourism-wise, you will never run out of stuff to explore in this adventure-filled province.

Today, Bulacan poses as a major residential hub in Central Luzon with the fast completion of the Metro Rail Transit-7 (MRT-7) which is at 58% (expected to be operational at 2025) and New Manila International Airport located at Bulakan, Bulacan. The airport under construction is expected to be operational at 2027.

The completion of mentioned projects will certainly make travelling in and out of the province hassle-free and convenient.

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Pampanga: The Culinary Capital of the Philippines

Photo: Ramon FVelasquez, Wikimedia Commons

Also dubbed as the ‘Christmas Capital of the Philippines,’ the province of Pampanga takes up the second spot in our list of best province to live in the Philippines. Sitting adjacent to Bulacan, this province is also a haven of affordable places to buy house in the Philippines.

Pampanga hosts a plethora of ancestral houses; a nostalgic way to take a glimpse into the past. And of course, Pampanga wouldn’t be the Culinary Capital for nothing. Living in Pampanga means you get to enjoy mouth-watering and authentic Kapampangan dishes to your heart’s content. The local’s talents and craftsmanship are showcased in their annual Giant Lantern Festival.

Colliers projects Pampanga as ‘ripe enough’ for more industrial parks with the improved Clark International Airport coupled with major infrastructure projects like the Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX), Manila Clark Railway, and the NLEX-SLEX connector. Pampanga also grants easy access to Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales. The firm also foresees the rise of many luxury projects as these throughways will increase property prices in the area.

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Vista Land International also offers affordable houses in Pampanga in the following locations:

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The Gateway to Thousand Journeys: Cebu

sinulog festival - cebu

Heading to the Visayan Region, we have the lovely province of Cebu. A popular destination for tourists, known for its world class beaches and diving spots, wonderful historical sites, and colorful festivals. Speaking of festivals, Cebu is undeniably known for its Sinulog Festival, which showcases the province’s vibrant culture and rich history.

Colliers projects the rise of luxury condominiums projects in Cebu so you may want to tap into vertical developments towering the skies in the province. If you are looking for condominium investments, Suarez Residences by Vista Residences may be the most suited option for you.

Located in Cebu City, it is an astonishing L-shaped building with 29 floors. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the stunning landscapes of the sea and mountains. It sits in a central business district, where everything you need is within reach. From shopping centers, business hub, and recreational spots; there’s always something waiting for you to explore here in Cebu. Enjoy the dynamic city life here at Suarez Residences Cebu!

Davao: Crown Jewel of Mindanao

Going to Mindanao, the province of Davao is one of the best province to live in the Philippines. It is affordable, safe, and friendly. The cost of living is relatively low, and the people are known for being welcoming. Davao is also one of the safest provinces in the Philippines, with a low crime rate. In fact, its coastal city, Davao City earns the title of one of the safest cities to live in the philippines.

In addition, there are a variety of activities to enjoy in Davao, from exploring the beaches and mountains to visiting historical landmarks and museums. Davao also has some of the best schools, shopping malls, and hospitals in the Philippines, making it a good place to raise a family or retire.

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The Heart of the Philippines: Iloilo


Up to our list of best province to live in the Philippines, Iloilo is known for its rich history and culture. It was one of the earliest Spanish colonial centers in the Philippines, and was once the capital of the entire region. The province is home to a number of historical landmarks, including the Miagao Church, the Molo Church, and the Jaro Cathedral.

This province is also known for its its beautiful beaches and natural attractions. It is home to the Guimaras Strait, which is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Iloilo is also home to the Iloilo River, which is a popular spot for boating and fishing.

Aside from being a natural tourist magnet, Iloilo is a major economic center. The province is home to a number of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. Iloilo is also a major transportation hub, with the Iloilo International Airport serving as a gateway to the Visayas region

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Final Takeaway

Investing in a house in the province can be a great way to get a more affordable, spacious, and peaceful home. Properties in the province are generally more affordable than those in the city, and they often have more space. Additionally, the provinces are less congested and have cleaner air than the city. This can be a major advantage for people who are looking for a healthier and more relaxing lifestyle.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to invest in a house in the province is a personal one. There are many factors to consider, such as your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle. If you are looking for an affordable, investment property with growth potential, the province may be a good option for you! best province to live in the Philippines best province to live in the Philippines best province to live in the Philippines

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to invest in a house in the province is a personal one. There are many factors to consider, such as your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle. If you are looking for an affordable, investment property with growth potential, the province may be a good option for you!