Nowadays, artificial green walls are so in from restaurants and businesses to home spaces such as condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and luxurious houses to get a scenic, natural, vibrant, and youthful glow to make an excellent and harmonious atmosphere, and many of these are photogenic and IG worthy to your feed for a refreshing vibe (and we totally dig that)!

But if you’re wondering if it’s any different from the natural plant walls that you’ve seen, well it’s not with the right plants and the way you decorate it! So if you’re struggling to decide whether you should go for real living plants or for some artificial plants, then keep on reading because we’re going to tell you some of the best reasons why an artificial green wall should be your ultimate decision in designing your special place!

What Is An Artificial Green Wall?

artificial green wall

Basically, an artificial green wall is a wall of artificial plants lined up. This is the solution for people who want to make the place feel warm and welcoming without worrying about how you will take care of them when you’re too busy getting things done! As we said earlier, it’s a trendy interior design that people are crazy about, so it’s no question why our social media feeds are full of green walls along with other decorations that makes various places look young and hip!

Why Go Artificial?

Here are some of the reasons why you should have artificial green walls if you want to make your place to make it more attractive and eye catching with these eight reasons as your guide in making your place special:

Less Maintenance

Artificial plant walls don’t need water and sunlight as you can place them anywhere indoors — even in the dark! You can put these artificial plants on walls or on your office tables and you can even put up your own artificial vertical garden in various commercial buildings and you can place them everywhere! You don’t need to take care of these so much (well, except for dusting them from time to time) when you’re away for a certain amount of time, meaning you don’t need to worry about taking care of these plants!

Cost Effective

There aren’t any replacement costs and it will reduce long term costs when you invest in installing a green wall. An artificial green wall can cost you a fraction of a wall, meaning it’s cost effective especially when you want to save money on decorating the place and artificial green walls make a place IG worthy (without the worry of actual wall plants dying).

Doesn’t Require Soil

Artificial vertical gardens don’t need soil so you won’t be worried about the mess you’ll clean up, making it easy for you to choose the artificial plants you want to install and decorate offices and homes! It’s perfect for indoors and outdoors, and it will make any place feel refreshing and free flowing without the soil mess! If you’re planning to put artificial plants on the table, you can put a bunch of Styrofoam into the pot, a bunch of sticks into your artificial plants, and you have just created your makeshift plant decoration to make you feel welcome!

No Bugs or Pests

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like using pesticides just to kill bugs or pests (as much as we don’t), you don’t need to worry about those when you have artificial walls! Artificial green walls don’t attract bugs and pests such as snails and grasshoppers, so it’s perfect when you want to make a place aesthetically pleasing, natural, and fuss – free with these babies!

Green and Long Lasting

You don’t need to worry about dead plants and wilted leaves when you have an artificial wall of plants! Artificial plants are the same as natural ones as they are realistic looking, making them look like real plants (minus the dead leaves and the whole dead plant idea) and they are green forever! So don’t be fooled by its appearance when you spot a long lasting artificial plant and a real one.

UV Resistant

Since it doesn’t need sunlight, these are a great alternative to your usual indoor plants that need watering and natural light. You can place it anywhere indoors or outdoors as these are UV resistant (even in the dark) and you can place it near the UV light on your ceiling since these are made of plastic.


Installing artificial greenery will give you plenty of options for you to choose from flowers, leaves, and other artificial plants for you to decorate your walls in your office or home and they can also be useful in making your privacy more aesthetically pleasing away from googling eyes. You can also make some artificial green wall panels for events that are happening indoors and outdoors easily as they attract people and transform your booth into an artificial vertical garden! After all, people like to be visually pleased.

Your Living Wall Garden In Action

Having artificial plant walls are statement pieces of the century as more people find ways on how to make a place attractive and homey at the same time without feeling guilty. Also, artificial plants have been a great alternative since they don’t require maintenance and can be easily installed everywhere, whether you want it outdoors or indoors. This aesthetically pleasing wall décor can be found in various places such as in many shops (especially in coffee shops) as well as your homes and offices since these are easy to maintain and they are suited for people who don’t want to worry fixing and replacing plants since they complete the whole refreshing green vibe in just a nick of time!

So if you’re still over the fence in making your place attractive and warm without the actual worry of taking care of them, artificial plants are your best friend! So, grab a few of them, and make your artificial green wall happen!

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artificial green wall, artificial wall plants
artificial green wall, artificial wall plants

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artificial green wall, artificial wall plants

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