COHO by Vista Land: What OFWs Should Know About When Investing in a Condo Property


by Argie Pasquito

Featured project: COHO by Vista Land

Indeed, it takes guts and courage to buy a property in the Philippines while working abroad. It takes strong-will and self-discipline to save up money for many years just to buy a house-and-lot or condo property.

As Filipinos, a proper home means a lot to us because a home is where lifelong memories with our family are made. Many of us, especially OFWs and migrant Filipinos, have dreamed of living comfortably with our family in a place where we can call home. A dream home destined as your own paradise in the city suited to your preference.

Imagine, though, that you were able to purchase a home in a trusted real estate developer in the Philippines whose primary focus is to help you turn your dreams of owning a home into reality.

A home for every Filipino in Vista Land

Vista Land, the top and finest real estate developer in the Philippines, gives you a proper support mechanism to obtain your desires. With Vistaland International as their global marketing group, they can help envision the path towards your dream and make it happen.

They way Vista Land builds these condo developments with quality as their top priority assures OFWs they have a home they can proudly call their own and can last for future generations.


Affordable condominium property investment and real estate investment for ofw in the Philippines


Our modern day heroes, OFWs and migrant Filipinos, have lived in distant places away from their families. All for the purpose of providing for their family’s daily essentials and in hopes of improving their way of living. This is why investing in a home is one of the first assets they usually buy. It’s either as a primary home or for rental business to generate additional income that could help their family back home.


Also, knowing that they’re working overseas, a home will be one of the greatest fruits of their labor.

It is only important to trust a well-founded developer known to provide excellent quality of homes, reliable services, and has achieved several milestones.

Why COHO Should Be Your Top Property Investment in the Philippines

Short for “condo homes”, COHO by Vista Land introduces you to a prime condo development choice in the Philippines where you can certainly relish the innovative, home-like living. COHO also promises to provide utmost customer service that leaves condo homeowners satisfied.


Going beyond giving the best home option for your family, COHO by Vista Land also provides what to expect when living in a condo home and why their projects are a top choice for OFW property investors. Here are three things about COHO by Vista Land you should know about and why you should start investing early.

  1. Your Home in The City

Affordable condominium property investment and real estate investment for ofw in the Philippines


It’s true that life is better when you’re living in a place where you can freely do everything you want.


COHO’s condo units are designed to offer a noticeable homey environment while built in a condominium set up. You’ll definitely enjoy the views from your condo unit sunrise to sundown and you can live comfortably with COHO’s well-designed amenities built to deliver convenience for condo owners.


If you are an OFW who likes to try out new activities and embrace changes, then COHO’s available condo units for sale are the right property investments you should be looking into.

Aside from living a life quite different from the traditional Filipino house and lot set-up, you have the benefits of living in a vibrant city surrounded by social hotspots and essential offices.


True to its name “Condo Homes”, COHO is a true representation of a home experience in a condo set-up.

  1. Additional Income for OFWs Investors

Affordable condominium property investment and real estate investment for ofw in the Philippines


If you’re looking at an investment angle, condo units are highly-preferable real estate assets to lease or rent as apartments. Purchasing a condo unit for sale in the Philippines can be one of your courses of action to increase financial capability. Filipinos often choose real estate assets and rent it out as primary homes or vacation homes to generate additional income.


OFWs and migrant Filipinos can also generate passive income and maximize investment returns by waiting for a few years to sell the condo unit at the current market value.


With COHO’s competitive pricing strategies, the condo developer ensures that homeowners have rewarding returns in just a few years.


  1. Prime Location

Affordable condominium property investment and real estate investment for ofw in the Philippines


The location of the condo development is a fundamental factor when choosing the right property to invest in.


COHO’s condo developments are primely located among highly urbanized cities such as Taguig, Las Pinas, Bacoor, and Tagaytay. Bringing you closer to common places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, churches, hospitals, and theme parks.


As these locations are poised for commercial and industrial growth, living at one of COHO’s condo developments brings you closer to social hubs and business opportunities.

  1. Safety and Security Is A Priority

Affordable condominium property investment and real estate investment for ofw in the Philippines


Aside from the amenities and prime location, COHO is committed to provide safety and security to its homeowners and guests. Every condo project by COHO has a security team whose job is to maintain peace and order so that homeowners enjoy their daily routine at home. COHO has other basic security features such as guarded entrance gates and CCTV cameras.


However, homeowners should always stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings even when there are security features in place.


Whether you're looking at a condo in the Philippines as a primary home or rental investment, COHO has several pre-selling and ready for occupancy condo units for sale for OFW investors.

Step closer to your dream! Bring the key to the door of your future home.


To our dear kababayans abroad, Vistaland International is your companion by your side to acknowledge your concern, address your interest, and educate you about the investment here in the Philippines. Vistaland International’s accredited real estate sales agents around the globe are willing to share with you the benefits of purchasing a house and lot unit and condo properties.


To connect immediately, you can freely visit to know more about real estate properties best suited for you. VIMI are competent and kind to share with you what’s on the table and what is stored for you.

There’s definitely no place like home, a home offered by Vista Land.

Vistaland International Marketing, Inc. (VIMI) is the international marketing division of Vista Land. Aiming to provide OFWs and migrant Filipinos a home in the Philippines, VIMI has established long-lasting relationships with brokers and clients around the world.

Get started with your property investments! Contact us today and follow our social media accounts: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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