Cleaning sometimes-or often can be such a mood-killer. Imagine you are relaxing on your couch sipping on your sweet lemonade on a hot, lazy afternoon, when suddenly all of your cleaning chores comes into mind. Dishes on the sink, food leftovers on the table, pile of dirty clothes in the laundry basket—the list goes on! And the challenge seems to double up when you have kids making messes most of the time!

Tidying up your condo can be an overwhelming task but worry not! Here are some simple and helpful cleaning tips for a more comfortable condo living.

Tip 1: Practice CLAYGO daily

Clean-as-you-go, or simply CLAYGO seems so obvious but is most of the time forgotten. Try to keep things tidy, even in small ways. Always put your groceries in their proper places after you come home. Scan your room for anything you can clean up— socks on the floor, dirty clothes lying on your bed, shoes that need to be put in the shoe rack. Make sure that you have a bin nearby so you can throw your trash in immediately. Take effort in picking up any clutter and stuff lying around. These practices may seem trivial be but failing to do them daily means you are hauling yourself for a deep cleaning job in the future. Plus, it will keep your condo away from germs and pests such as rats, mice, and cockroaches that may bring certain diseases which could be harmful to you and your family.

Adapting a CLAYGO habit will keep your home clean and free from virus and diseases. What’s more is that it will save you from a month-worth of cleaning work.

Tip 2: Create a To-Do List

Cleaning your condo unit can be a bit overwhelming especially there a lot of areas to cover-starting from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and up to the bathroom. Creating a to-do-list will prevent you from cleaning your condo randomly. Clean things in a logical order, starting from the innermost areas of your home such as bedroom and bathroom to your kitchen and balcony.


Always make your bed by folding your blankets and arranging your pillows. One secret of having a neat and tidy bedroom is having proper storage. Having spaces for your clothes and accessories make your bedroom clean and eye-pleasing. You can also consider investing into space-friendly storage and organizers that can fit in easily under your bed. Look for small nightstands that have built-in drawers to put your books and journals.


Bathrooms should be always kept clean as we tend to use it every day for personal care. Focus cleaning the areas such as the sink, tub, shower and the toilet. Here’s a tip: the combination of white vinegar and baking soda effectively cleans mirror stains and windows. Lemon slices can also do the trick! You can use paper towels or old newspapers to wipe them dry. Keep surfaces clean from toothpaste dribbles and dirt by wiping them using damp rag or microfiber cloth. Take note of certain areas such as the corners as this is where grimes and molds form.

Lastly, don’t forget to mop dry the floor to prevent any accidents.

Kitchen and living room

The kitchen is undeniably the busiest area in our condo as it is the place where we prepare our food and is also the dumping site of our plates and utensils. Wash the dishes immediately after you finish eating. If you prefer to soak them first, it’s best to put them in a basin filled with water and a few drops of soap. The food particles and grease will be easier to lift off by the time you are going to wash them. Make it a goal to always have an empty kitchen sink. Keep surfaces clean by immediately wiping any oil or food splattered while cooking as they tend to bake when left for a long period of time.

As for the living room, clear away any clutter such as toys, books and such. Regularly dust off mantels, coffee tables and other furniture.Using vacuum cleaner is a must, especially if you have pets around to keep pet hair from sticking to the floors and couch.

Having a neat and clean living room will surely make a good impression to your guests!

Tip 3: Do a Spring Clean

Of course, you don’t have to squeeze in all the cleaning tasks in one day. You can schedule laundry once a week, as well as changing the sheets and curtains. Defrost your refrigerator and reorganize your pantry once a month. Lastly, set your air conditioning to maintenance check-up once every six months. Contact an expert to help you check your electrical lines for any faulty wiring.

Tip 4: Make a Cleaning Caddy

It is handy to have a cleaning caddy–a box or bucket filled with cleaning essentials, especially when you need to do a quick surface clean. You can put your cleaning tools like a pair of latex gloves, rags, tissue and cleaning products such as bleach and sanitizers in your caddy. Place it in areas where it is easy to reach and store.

Tip 5: Get the Kids Involved

Looking for a way to bond with the kids? Why don’t you invite them for a day of condo cleaning? Not only that it will save you from a ton of cleaning work but it will also teach your children how to be independent and responsible. Give them treats or rewards after they successfully wiped out the table or put their toys away.

Benefits of Having a Clean Condo

Keeping your condo clean and well-maintained isn’t just for the face value. There are science-backed benefits of having a clean and well-kept house.

Less Stress

According to a study published in 2010 by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women with messier homes have higher cortisol levels than those with neat ones. This means that your stress level is correlated to what you see in your personal space. You will feel less stress if your environment is well-kept and tidy.

Gets You Moving

Sure, cleaning won’t burn calories as much as a full-blown work-out, but it will definitely will make you get you on your feet for a nice stretch. Performing household chores such as sweeping, wiping the windows and mopping the floors will give that movement your body needs.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Having no mess and clutter to worry about before you go to sleep will put your mind at ease. Moreover, according to a survey conducted by National Sleep Foundation, making your bed in the morning increases your chance of getting a good night sleep by 20 percent.

Sure, keeping your condo clean and well-kept requires a lot of work, but the benefits will always be worth the effort!

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buying land and building a house process, How do you prepare land before building a house, steps in buying a lot in the philippines, Is it better to buy land first and then build

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