Many OFWs and migrant Filipinos have searched and took a chance to pursue their dreams outside the country with all hopes in mind to provide a better opportunity for their families here. OFWs became the modern-day heroes giving everything for their loved ones to the extent of leaving their homeland and going to a foreign land where cultures are too different from their own.

With all the efforts and sweat they worked hard for, OFWs make sure to invest their hard-earned money in lifelong opportunities that will sustain their families. Because not all the time, they are away striving. They also want to rest and be with their families back home.

Some OFWs have invested their money in businesses intending to sustain them in the future. But who would have thought that a pandemic will come and will primarily affect the whole world’s economy? No one. Thankfully, the pandemic has taught everyone, especially the OFWs, to put up pandemic-proof businesses. If there’s a good thing that came about from this pandemic is establishing new ways of earning in the comfort of our homes.

What is a pandemic proof business?

The pandemic has caused businesses to shut down, resulting in bankruptcy. Some other companies continue with their business operations and retain a strong position in the market with the right strategy, introducing new, creative, and in-demand products and services using the internet to promote, gain and engage with customers. That’s what it needs to have a pandemic proof business. A pandemic proof business can withstand the rise and fall of a pandemic crisis.

Do you have a pandemic-proof business? If yes, may it continue to thrive more and secure a branded business. If none, continue reading, and we’ll give you ideas of what pandemic proof business you can start.

Pandemic proof Business Ideas for OFWs To Try

Many challenges rose when the pandemic hit the entire world, but it also motivated the people to strive more. Below are some ideas of which businesses are in demand now that you can start.

Make use of Social Media.

The market is changing, and you can now use social media for advertising your products and services. We listed down below some of the products and services you can provide.

Online store

pandemic proof business

Online stores or markets are highly in demand right now because they provide easy access to goods and services. With a simple browse on the phone, your customer can choose different varieties of needs they have. It saves them time and energy. Customers don’t need to go out and risk their lives contracting the virus. Many vendors already shifted to online stores and started selling their products because most of them have easy access to the internet. Some don’t even need the things they purchase online; they just got curious about the product, so they decided to purchase one. 

One factor online store owners should also take into consideration is how they advertise their products. Their market strategy should be appealing to their market audience. The pandemic also caused a large volume of emerging online stores not only in the Philippines but worldwide. 

It is a pandemic proof business because you will be selling essential products and services that people will always buy. It is easy to create an online store in the comfort of your home. You can start with yourself or gather a small team within your family or friends to start right away. 

Some of the products and services you can offer are listed below:

Online Retail Shop

Essential goods are always in demand. Food, home maintenance, or even products that will help one drive away boredom offered online. 

Home-made foods

Many have discovered baking and creating a new variety of dishes that are sold online. Whether it is home-baked cookies, freshly baked bread to blueberry cheesecakes, milk tea, a recipe you have to learn during a pandemic, or your family recipe, start selling it. Advertise with a good strategy, and you are good to go. 

Food and Beverage Delivery

Fast-food chains and restaurants are restricted to maintain a certain number of customers. From being fully loaded with customers, restaurants are now limiting the customers they entertain. A surge in food and beverage delivery resulted. Even at home, Filipinos can enjoy their favorite food and beverages. 

Buy and Sell

Many are taking the time to use their free time to declutter things and sell them online. Second-hand items that still look new can be helpful to other people. You can engage or advertise it through live selling. 

Transport and Delivery Service

People are now staying home, unable to go outside and shop. Online shopping became a one-stop shop for everyone. With that, an increase in parcel deliveries emerged. Transactions nowadays are mostly done online, and deliveries are essential services. Transport and delivery is also a necessary service during this pandemic. 

Money transfer/Remittance Services

Money transfer, remittance centers, and bills payment are essential to consumers and our country’s economy. Filipinos who need funds and receive money are imperative consumers. In a month, no person doesn’t accept and sends funds. 

Property Investment

house and lot property investment

OFWs worldwide sacrificed seeing their loved ones grow by preparing a greener pasture for their family. They choose to secure their money on long-term investment like in the industry of real estate investment. Not only that, OFWs have helped our economy as they send their dollar remittances to their families, they help keep the Philippine economy afloat. Records show that in about 11 months, OFWs managed to send 30 billion dollars. With this, they become OFW investors investing in Philippine real estate. 

Many of the OFWs and migrant Filipinos have decided to invest their hard-earned money. Some became OFW investors investing in Philippine real estate. Time has proved that real estate proved to be a solid investment. When it comes to Philippine real estate, OFW investors don’t have any regrets in choosing to buy a house and lot in the Philippines because property values appreciate in time. 

Doors have opened for real estate investment because of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, property prices have frozen for a significant amount of time. It opens an opportunity to invest in real estate now as it promises a return of investment in the coming years. 

Here are reasons why it’s good to have OFW property investments.

Long-term and profitable investment

The first thing OFW investors come to mind is how they would want their savings secure and last long. OFW investors should also consider what type of property they are going to do. They can buy a house and lot in the Philippines or a condo unit in the Philippines and rent them for monthly income or wait for some time and sell it to the desired amount. It is what Philippine real estate guarantees OFW investors, and they will not just acquire a property in their name but also reap a return on investment they have made. 

Some OFW investors also consider buying a house and lot in the Philippines to have and make it their home. Filipinos are known to be family-oriented. They want to acquire a property of their own to build memories and relationships. Philippine real estate guarantees long and profitable years that can sustain their families. Indeed, Philippine real estate is securing OFW investors’ money-tied and crisis-proof. During a pandemic, their money is kept secure and doubles in a significant period. 

Increase your savings through passive income

A good investment in Philippine real estate requires patience and trust until it reaps. An OFW investor’s house and lot or a condo in the Philippines will reward them through passive income, as mentioned above. Whether you’re an active or retired OFW residing in one of the properties acquired, your OFW property investment will be the source of income of your family. Your property investment can become the property that will provide for your family’s needs. 

Here’s how you can generate income through your property investment.

Property rental or leased

If your house and lot or condo are in nearby schools or offices, you can have it rented. Condos in the Philippines with complete amenities near a tourism spot would be an excellent hit for travelers. 

Renovation or convert it

If you have an old property in a strategic location, have it renovated to become a newly structured building for a commercial cause. It would be perfect for cafés with a good ambiance and interior. 

Home investment

Besides investing, OFW investors decide to acquire a house and lot or a condo unit in the Philippines because they want to own a primary home Something they can see as tangible proof of their hard work and efforts for decades. Acquiring personal properties is the top reason why OFWs and migrant Filipinos invest in Philippine real estate. Why choose to rent for an extended period when you can have one under your name? OFWs and migrant Filipinos don’t work for an extended period away from their families to see their money on a temporary investment. 

OFWs and migrant Filipinos’ primary goal is to settle down with their own families back home. A place where they can freely renovate while they enjoy doing things they like while relaxing with a sense of security with their loved ones, OFWs only come home for a short period and spend most of their time sacrificing another occasion to provide. As the famous phrase says, “there is no place like home” OFWs want to come home with a place they can proudly say they earn it with their sweat and blood.

The Philippines has a lot to offer, whether in real estate or other industries. In the middle of a pandemic, how do you pandemic proof your business? Your future? How do you deal with the crisis without prior notice? Having the attitude to adapt and be flexible in an economic crisis quickly is very important. The need to respond urgently to your consumer’s needs is one factor in building your branding. 

Making the most of the available opportunities in front of you will secure your position in the marketplace. Make use of the internet. Discover how the internet is slowly monopolizing consumers. Investing in your skills will also add to your target investment. 

Pandemic-proof businesses also invest in branding strategy. They acquire knowledge that will help them sustain a strong position in the marketplace with the proper process and creative advertisement. Thriving to be at the top of success could be slow and draining but knowing what to attract your consumers is a good start. 

Learning what type of business is the first thing an OFW and migrant Filipino should be their priority. It knows where they could buy a house, and a lot in the Philippines could either be a home to build to settle down with your family or property to lease on a commercial basis. Choosing the next decision and strategy to do would take a lot of research do’s and don’ts. But what’s important is having a goal or a plan that should give your investment a return of value.

Nothing is easy. If you must do things over and over again, then do it. If you must acquire new skills, then study. Investing in our self and development first should be our top priority. It will be the foundation of our future ventures. 

Still don’t know what type of business to put up and invest in? Go and find yourself a mentor in which field you want to pursue. Never stop learning. Never stop dreaming.

In the middle of a pandemic? Filipinos are resilient, and we can withstand even the strongest storm ever landed. 

The prevailing pandemic didn’t just destroy dreams and ambitions, but it also motivated everyone to create new and bigger dreams.

What are you waiting for? Secure your money’s value and invest in long-term and profitable investment! 

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