7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment


By Jedd Marie Dumadaug

For OFWs, purchasing a house and lot in the Philippines is a great achievement. What most OFW homebuyers do not know is that moving in a home is a big responsibility and commitment. It may seem easy as signing a piece of paper and waiting for the day to move-in, but there are some necessary things to buy first before moving in a new home.

Whether it is a first home or a home rental business, check out these seven items to buy before moving in.


Home surveillance system, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment

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  1. Home surveillance system

Keep your valuables and family safe from intruders with a home security system. There are several choices of security systems with different price ranges. While your new home may be located in a community with a perimeter fence and guarded entrance gates, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Installing a security system in your home rental business is an advantage because tenants would want to live in a safe and secure place. Since surveillance systems can be viewed in an app or software, OFWs and migrant Filipino family members can keep an eye out for their families even when they are abroad.


New locks, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment

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  1. New locks

If you purchased a reopened house unit, chances are there is still a copy of the house keys from the previous homeowner or neighbors. Who knows where the previous owners or neighbors placed their copy of the house keys? While it may not be necessary to change the locks on newly-constructed houses, there is no harm in installing additional locks for good measure. For a home rental business, regularly change the locks when a tenant leaves the unit. This is to avoid break-ins from previous tenants or people who have a copy of the key. That is why it is important to change the locks on the doors and windows the minute you move into a new home.



Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment

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  1. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

As a homeowner, one of your responsibilities is to keep everyone under your roof safe. One of the things you should prepare for is a house fire. It can start as simple as a gadget that overheated or a candle left unattended. Have smoke detectors positioned at the right places such as the kitchen and dining area. If you want to take extra precautionary measures, keep a fire extinguisher inside your household. For an apartment complex or a house rental, make sure that these tools are well-functioning and located in accessible areas.


Tool kit, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment

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  1. Tool kit

Invest in a complete and high-quality tool kit because in order to fix things around the house, you need a sturdy set of tools. Keep your own tool kit in a dry, clean place to prevent the tools from rusting. It is also smart to you have your own set of tools rather than borrowing from your neighbors every time you need something to fix. Also, this is ideal for a house rental in case one of your tenants break something.


Safe box, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment


  1. Safe box

Keep your valuables and important documents secure by storing them inside a safe box. With all the variety of options, you can choose sizes, colors, types, and even opt for a fireproof and waterproof safe box. For home rentals, this could be an optional item to put in since most tenants would be skeptical of leaving their valuables in a safe box with someone who has access to it. But for additional security features in a home rental business, a small and simple safe box with a code combination can suffice.


Doorbell/Intercom, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment

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  1. Doorbell/Intercom

When everything is transferred in your new home, install a doorbell or an intercom to know who is at the front door. Intercoms have advantage over doorbells because you can see and hear anyone at the gate without leaving your home. Who knows? Maybe it is your new neighbor with a house warming gift for you!


Family photo, house and lot Philippines, 7 Things OFWs Need for Their First Home Investment


  1. Family photo

A family photo wall is not something you can buy. It is a fun family activity of gathering framed photographs of family members and figuring out the best spot to put their picture on the wall. Think about the turning point in each family member’s life and have that photo on the gallery wall. TIP: Use a large photo as a focal point and add smaller photos around it for contrast.


A photo gallery can make family members and house tenants feel more at home and at ease. Have photos of nature or the beach for home rental business for neutrality.

Finally having your own home is exciting. It can be overwhelming at certain times though, especially during move-in day when your stuff is all around the house in boxes and you have no idea where to start unpacking. Take it one step at time. After all, you are now settling in your new home.

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