Aug 22, 2016

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One

Are you a pet-lover? Are you someone who loves to be with his/her canine or feline friends all the time even at home? Then it’s time to make some adjustments in your house and make it friendly and safe for their paws and claws.

Adjusting some parts of your house to provide comfort and safety to your pets isn’t a hard task to do. You just have to know some of the tricks and multi-functional stuff ideas that you need to make it a job well done. After all, our pets are part of our family too, so we should also consider their welfare and their well-being at home.

Tip #1: Install a Built-in Feeding Bowl

Instead of enduring that feeding bowl with “no permanent address”, put it in place, in an unused place like under the kitchen counter or cabinet. Aside from avoiding pet food clutter, a stable feeding bowl also ensures that your pet will not be able to topple it upside down. This is very applicable, especially, if you have some puppies who are just learning to be a responsible doggy.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-1

Tip #2: Make a Hidden Pet Entrance

Provide your pets an easy access to your home especially when they got out accidentally. Install a hidden door under your cupboard or to both your main entrance and backdoor. This will prevent your pets from being locked up outside.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-2

Tip #3: Put up a Cabinet Litter Box

Out with the movable cat litter trays and have a stable litter box in a cabinet. This will make your feline friend more comfortable and secured while having his “me time”. Also, having this in place where no one can easily figure it out will at least help on eliminating the clutter inside your home.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-3

Tip #4: Have a Dog-friendly Mud Room

Putting up a built-in dog shower in your bathroom or your laundry room is a one of the best improvements that you can make. With this, you can easily make sure the cleanliness of your pet without messing up in your own bathroom.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-4

Tip #5: Place a Cat Tower

Tired of seeing scratches on your furniture or upholstery? Then purchase a cat tower so that your furry-fluffy friend will have a place where he can play and sleep. An instant fun and comfort source for your dearest cat indeed.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-5

Tip #6: Provide a Cozy Bed

Don’t just throw a mat somewhere and let your furry friend sleep there. Put up a cozy mini bed for your pet under your cabinet or your bedroom table. This will keep your pet comfortable and safe as you rest.

6 Tips to Make your Home a Pet-friendly One-6

Improving your home to make it a comfortable and safe haven for your pets couldn’t get any easier. Just always think outside the box and be mindful of the up and coming multi-functional stuff in the market. Aside from taking care of your family’s safety, it’s also your responsibility to consider the welfare of our furry friends.

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